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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Analyze the Past, Monitor the Present, and Plan the Future


In today’s business environment you need to be able to view key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to analyze, respond, and predict. SEDCO’s Comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions include Business Intelligence platform, which is integrated with every touchpoint of your customer journey to provide deep insights, improve business performance, monitor key metrics, and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.


Get a 360 degree in-depth insight about your organization's business operations, including KPIs, metrics, and scorecards by interacting with your organization's dashboards, which covers:




With Business Intelligence, understanding your business can never get any easier. It allows you to perform the following tasks:


  • Real-time monitoring of your organization, with high level view and in-depth access down to the single transaction level.
  • Instant notifications to supervisors to customized escalation roles.
  • Get statistics about your business operations across branches, services and employees.
  • Get periodic demand's trends (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc).
  • Evaluate business performance based on target KPIs.
  • Know your customers’ satisfaction level based on requested service and employee.
Automated Alerts and Delivery of Reports & Dashboards
  • Get instant alerts about critical events in your business operations.
  • Get reports and dashboards sent automatically to your email.
Advanced Analysis and Capacity Planning
  • Get a deeper insight on service level, workload, resources availability and usage.
  • Evaluate consistency and quality of service level.
  • Evaluate the sufficiency of allocated resources.
  • Evaluate resources distribution, and whether there is redundancy.
Advanced Data Mining, Analytics and Forecasting
  • Get customers preferences for services and sites.
  • Get trends for customers’ acquisition growth rate.
  • Evaluate potential of customers churn.
  • Get forecast for demand in the future.
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction correlation with service level.
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