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CEM Mobile
Queue Booking by mobile – SEDCO

The mobile technology has become an integral part of our daily life. People in today’s world are always on the move. They seem to be always holding their mobile phones to get tasks done, due to availability, speed, and convenience. That is why mobile applications are becoming important for the future of businesses.



SEDCO's Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provide you with a user-friendly CEM Mobile, allowing your customers to access your services remotely, which helps you provide a convenient journey to your customers before reaching your branch or self-service points. The application helps build brand awareness and deliver service to customers instantly while reducing or eliminating queues in your branches.





SEDCO's CEM Mobile is easily navigable, allowing your customers to do the following:


  • Find the nearest branch / self-service machine.
  • Fill-in some electronic forms.
  • See a list of your services.
  • Issue queuing e-tickets to avoid busy branches.
  • Schedule appointments and receive reminders.
  • Check the wait time status of each branch.
  • See relevant promotional content.
  • Check in directly for appointments once in branch.
  • Take a ticket without accessing the kiosk.
  • Give feedback immediately after getting served.





Customers can forget about the queues, as they can schedule appointments on the go


CEM Mobile helps you provide a convenient journey to your customers before entering your branch. Your customers will be able to view the availability of your services in your various branches / self-service machines, reserve appointments on the go, and simply walk into the branch or to the self-service machine to get served immediately, which creates an exceptional customer experience and fosters more loyalty. They can also fill-in electronic forms to perform some transactions. Once done, they receive a user-friendly feedback request to provide their opinion about your business.


CEM Mobile facilitates and enhances the customer journey before, during, and after their interaction with your brand.





Key Benefits of our CEM Mobile Solution


  • Convenient access to your services anytime anywhere.
  • No need for customers to queue.
  • Directions to your branches using GPS technology.
  • Inquiries about your business 24/7.
  • Update customers about your products and services.
  • Customized advertisements to promote sales.
  • Get customer feedback through the CEM Mobile.
  • Convenient customer flow.


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