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Virtual Service Machines

Virtual Service Machines
Virtual Service Machine SEDCO

Businesses are turning to automated solutions to optimize their work. Yet, in some cases a human interaction with your employees is still necessary. SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions include Virtual Service Machines that provide all the services of self service kiosks with the ability to get a real human interaction whenever needed, all in one integrated solution. It gives your customers the choice to ask for the help and guidance of one of your employees remotely through live video chatting, while having a personalized and exceptional experience.


The Virtual Service Machines are ideal for businesses that are looking for a cost effective way to deliver guided service to customers without opening new branches, leading to better service quality and increased revenue. The machine is fully capable of carrying out the functions of our other self service kiosks, but has a video display where an employee can assist the customer.





What can a Virtual Service Machine do for your business?

Think in-Branch or Beyond the Branch




    When installed inside the branch or store:
  • Customers have more independence.
  • Eliminating the queues.
  • Convenient interaction with customer service/ employee for more privacy.
    When installed outside the branch or store:
  • Expanding market reach.
  • Customers get more advanced services beyond the branch.
  • Give customers positive brand experiences through live video chat.


Why SEDCO’s Virtual Service Machines?

  • Availability of services anytime anywhere.
  • Add more convenience to customers.
  • Remote assistance via virtual interaction with employees.
  • Eliminate the costs of opening new branches.
  • Better allocation of employees.
  • Increase market reach.




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