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Customer Screen

Customer Screen
Customer Screen - SEDCO

SEDCO’s Customer Screen is a smart tablet/ touch screen that not only facilities and speeds up the customer transactions, but it also provides a powerful tool to market your various services and products, and to know what your customers think about your brand.


As the customer approaches the employee’s desk to get a transaction done, the screen shows promotional content based on the customer’s profile and transactions' history. The transaction details will appear on the customer screen, along with an electronic signature box. Once the customer signs, the screen shows questions to get customer’s feedback.


Key Benefits of Customer Screen


  • Increase customer loyalty and sales, by showing personalized promotional content.
  • Content is dynamic and interactive.
  • Speed up transactions, by verification via e-signature.
  • Cut costs through eco-friendly paperless advertising and e-forms.
  • Measure customer satisfaction to ensure that customers are happy.
  • Prevent negative sentiments, by instant feedback monitoring and reaction.
  • Generate various customer satisfaction reports to enhance performance.
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