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Digitalization: The Future of the Public Sector

Digitalization: The Future of the Public Sector

Wondering why visiting public institutions is regarded as daunting?

Whenever citizens need to visit any public institution, the first thing that comes to their minds is – “It is going to be a tough day!” People think they have to stand in long queues, waiting for approvals and waste a couple of days to fully complete their transactions. However, this can all be changed by implementing SEDCO's Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, which is designed to transform classical public centers to smart digital ones.


Governments are adopting digital transformation

Smart governments strive to raise happiness levels while improving service quality and cutting costs. Whether you are a ministry, a tax office, to a passport facility, a vehicle licensing center or any other department that deals with public, SEDCO’s multi-channel CEM system helps to provide your visitors with convenient journeys anytime anywhere.


How to transform to a digital center

People find it hard to proceed with public transactions during their working hours. SEDCO can help make your services available 24/7, for example if someone wants to renew his/her ID card or passport, it is now easy to do that at night or during the weekend. With SEDCO’s Self-service kiosks, they can apply, scan documents, print certificates, proceed with payments by card or cash, and they receive the renewed ID card or passport instantly.   


Be in touch with citizens before they head to your premises

Understanding that the public should have remote access to the services, SEDCO’s CEM Mobile enable citizens to check the nearest public service points, navigate the location, select the service, and get an e-ticket to avoid standing in a queue.


It is not only about eliminating queues

Identify citizens and residents when they enter your premises by reading their ID cards through SEDCO’s touch screen kiosk. Visitors can use the machine to fill-in their data, scan documents, and do biometric verification, which moves the workload from employees to visitors.


Make citizens feel special

People feel good when someone greets them by name. It gives them the feeling that they are getting personal attention. Well, this can be done by identifying the people when they enter any public center and scan their ID cards scanned through a touch screen kiosk.


Know people’s thoughts about your brand

It is important to know if the citizens are happy with the service or not. This can only happen if you get their feedback through SEDCO’s omni-channel feedback such as mobile app, feedback panels, or self-service kiosks.to keep you up to date in how you well perform and give deep insights to help you to improve.


Measure people’s sentiments

One of the modern ways of knowing what people actually need is to keep an eye on your clients’ opinions over the social media networks. SEDCO media analytics monitors your customers’ feedback through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.


Get deep insights to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize performance

With SEDCO’s advanced Business Intelligence (BI) system, any smart public institution can easily monitor your performance, get detailed reports, analyse processes, and formulate better future plans. It turns your data into actionable decisions, ensuring that visitors have an exceptional experience.


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