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Self Service Kiosks

Self Service Kiosks

Today customers are more demanding and better informed. They want to be served anytime anywhere with minimal time and effort. On the other hand, you are required to provide better services at lower prices. SEDCO's Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provide you with an alternative channel to face-to-face interaction with customers in order to enhance the customer journey.


Our comprehensive CEM solutions include Self Service Kiosks, making your services available to customers beyond the ordinary working hours. No need for customers to come to your branch to get the services. The customers get the services by themselves without any help from a desk employee.


This noticeably decreases your employees' workload, while providing customers with convenience. The kiosks enable you to better meet your customers’ and business needs; they save their time and effort, and save you money.







The following are examples of our Kiosk Models:






A Kiosk Model for your specific need:


We have a wide range of kiosk models and modules. Depending on your needs and the services that you want to provide to your customers, we can provide you with a certain kiosk model with certain modules. Our self-service software framework enables fast implementation of the required services. A kiosk can include any combination of the following modules:


Payment Modules:

  • Cash and coin payment
  • Card Payment
  • Cheque Payment
  • Cash and coin dispensing

Printing Modules:

  • Receipt Printer
  • A4 Printer
  • Journal Printer

Scanning and Reading:

  • Passport Reading
  • Card Reading (Smart and Magnetic)
  • Document Scanning and Capturing
  • Barcode Reading

Biometric Modules:

  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Signature Capturing
  • Camera for Image and Video Capturing

Card Modules:

  • Card Dispensing
  • Card Printing and Issuing







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