Self Service Shops

Customers appreciate convenience. They are often in a hurry to get the service or product they are looking for quickly and easily.  Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions cater for the different needs and behaviors of your customers, and it provides them with the convenience they are looking for through innovative Self Service Shops.


A Self Service Shop provides all the benefits of the Self-Service Kiosk, while also allowing for the automated purchase of physical items, such as sim cards, mobile phones and tablets. Installed in dynamic locations, the high availability of the Self-Service Shops 24/7 provides superb convenience to customers, enabling them to purchase products by themselves anytime anywhere.


The solution ensures a smooth and efficient customer experience, which boosts your corporate image. It also relieves your employees, allowing for better utilization of human resources, and decreasing operational costs.





Branding and Digital Signage Marketing


Our Self Service Shops can also serve as a great promotional tool for your business. Each model is easily customizable to add a promotional branding or a Digital Signage screen. On the front and sides of the shop you can display your brand imaging and messages, which helps you to advertise your brand and gain more reach within those locations away from your branches.


A digital screen can also be fixed atop of the Self Service Shop to display interactive promotional content that captures the customers’ attention and drives them to buy other products and services.





Benefits for Your Customers

  • Fast and convenient access to your products.
  • Availability of products to purchase 24/7.
  • Instant purchasing with no queues.
  • Automated purchases without assistance.

Expand your business with Self Service Shops

  • Increase market reach.
  • Save money on new branches.
  • No employees involvement.
  • Elegant digital signage for marketing.
  • Add convenience for your customers. 
  • Cost optimization. 


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