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Full control over your branches with SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution

Full control over your branches with SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution

SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution is more than just a queuing management system. The solution handles the whole customer visit from the moment they step into your branches until they leave. It grants you full control over your branches, bringing great value to both you and your customers.


With SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution you will be able to manage the huge number of customers visiting your branches and to sever larger numbers of customers. No need for your customers to wait in queues. They can sit comfortably until they are called for service.


Customers can get services partially or completely by themselves through user-friendly self service kiosks. This elevates workload for your staff and allows and allows for better utilization of your resources. The system integrates with your backend systems, enabling you to measure and assess your services and to enhance the overall customer experience.


The solution incorporates an advanced digital signage system that can be installed across your branches to advertise and promote your products and services. As the customers wait for their turn to be served, they can get entertained and introduced to your latest offers and services, which leading to more selling and increases profit.


And in order to maximize your customer satisfaction, the system offers customer feedback panels through which your customers can leave their feedback about your services and employees, which eventually leads to better performance management.  

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