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Fully automated self service shops

Fully automated self service shops

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to automated shopping to buy products. SEDCO's self service automated shops provide a comfortable and convenient way to make purchases without the need to wait in long congested lines. They allow telecom customers to buy physical products by themselves quickly and easily. The desired product will be in the customer's grip with just a few clicks, which improves customer experience, and therefore increases customer loyalty.


No need to invest in opening new stores or hiring more employees. The self service shops reduce the need for manned checkouts, which in turn decreases labor costs, and as a result, increases profits.


The self service shops also offer an effective cross-selling platform. As the customer chooses the desired product, they can also get informed about the latest products and promotions and any special offers that the telecom company offers.


Installed in shopping malls or any other hot locations, the self service shops offer telecom customers a convenient way to purchase products by themselves such as mobile phones, tablets, modems, and so on, without the hassle of going to a crowded store and wasting their precious time waiting for an employee to serve them. The kiosks offer better performance management and better productivity, by replacing long queues with telecom automated retail.

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