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Gear Up for a Delightful Patient Experience Driven By Good Management Practices in The Healthcare Sector!

Gear Up for a Delightful Patient Experience Driven By Good Management Practices in The Healthcare Sector!

Do not confuse patient experience with good medical care. It is much more than that. It is the outcome of a number of aspects such as interaction, comfort, flexibility, and convenience in addition to medical treatment.


Since healthcare centers such as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and medical labs deal with humans and their emergencies, it is crucial to understand the patients' sentiments and their needs to make them feel comfortable and safe. An efficiently managed healthcare center would take care of things like easy access to getting timely appointments, personalized attention, feedback system, and responsive staff.



Now, the question is – how to put these pieces together and create a delightful experience for patients?


SEDCO helps healthcare centers to achieve this through its comprehensive Patient Experience Management solutions that ensure seamless patients’ journeys while optimizing the performance of healthcare environments.



The system takes the healthcare to the next level altogether.

 Want to know how? Let's find out:



Reduce Your Patients’ Anxiety by Reducing Their Waiting Time

No one likes to wait to get the answer he/she is looking for. When you talk about patients, they must be served smoothly. Patients now can register and get relevant information via SEDCO’s online appointment system, mobile app or via self-service kiosk at the location.


Self Check In

Decrease the workload of your staff to maintain a relaxed environment, by moving the registration process from the employees to the patients, while you ensure an exceptional patient experience, by linking the patient data to the right healthcare provider to best fulfill their needs.


Consistent Patient Experience

One should avoid any kind of confusion that may cause discomfort to the patients.  SEDCO’s LED/LCD counter displays direct patients towards the concerned person/ medical facility, depending on the condition of the patient, to ensure a convenient patient journey, while its smart digital signage can inform the right message to the right patient at the right time.



Smooth Workflow

Patient experience management is all about making the whole process quick and simple. You don't want patients to keep moving around between the receptionist's desk, doctor's clinic, bill counter, and other facilities. SEDCO’s advanced solution manages the patient flow from one facility to another to ensure a smooth patient visit. Moreover, the system sends SMS alerts to patients to remind them of their appointments. This makes patients free to move around without worrying about missing their turn.


Better Patient Privacy

In old traditional healthcare centers, patients were called forward by their names, which caused discomfort as patients felt that their privacy was violated. With SEDCO’s system, the patients are identified and called by their queue numbers instead of names, which keeps them comfortable and protects their privacy.


Patient Feedback

Knowing how your patients feel about your healthcare center is key to improving your services. You can ask patients to provide their feedback through SEDCO’s Omni-channel feedback system. This can be done by SMS, mobile app or feedback device/kiosk.


Self Service Kiosks

Besides making patients self-sufficient and reducing their waiting time, SEDCO’s self-service kiosks can be located in different places over the healthcare center to allow patients 24/7 to perform self-payment, appointments, and printing reports/prescription. This eventually reduces costs by eliminating the use of extra manpower. Add to that, patients now can register themselves digitally. Self Check-in has taken patient registration to the next level altogether. 


Customer Experience

No one can deny the fact that the healthcare sector is developing rapidly. One should reckon patients as the customers, whom you need to provide with a great patient experience with your services. The patients deserve to be satisfied in the best way possible like any other customer, who takes any kind of service.


SEDCO provides a range of data-driven patient experience management solutions that not only transforms the patient experience but also improves the complete performance of the healthcare unit and supports them to become modernized smart healthcare centers.




For more information, send us an email to marketing@sedco.co 


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