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Government institutions embrace Customer Visit Management solution from SEDCO

Government institutions embrace Customer Visit Management solution from SEDCO

SEDCO's Customer Visit Management system is a comprehensive solution that can be deployed in various sectors, including government institutions.  The solution assists institutions in creating a more organized place with minimal workload and maximum productivity. It transforms ordinary queuing management into a full customer visit management experience.


The system allows government institutions to give priority to VIP customers, thanks to the customer identification facility that the system offers. Customers insert their ID cards / card numbers into the service kiosks that the system offers. The system then identifies the customer's segment and notifies the branch manager whenever a VIP person is present.


The institution's administration can measure its customers' satisfaction by utilizing easy-to-use customer feedback panels, which provides better performance management and improves the overall customer experience.


Furnished with advanced digital signage, the customers can sit comfortably in special halls and wait for their turn to be served, entertained by advertisements and other promotional content about the institution's various services that appear on the digital screens, making their waiting time less boring and more informative.

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