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Improved customer experience with SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution

Improved customer experience with SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution

In a highly competitive world, customer satisfaction can mean the difference between success and failure. The more your customers are satisfied with your services, the more likely they will come back for more services.


Unlike traditional queuing management systems, SEDCO's Customer Visit Management system takes care of each aspect of your customers visit, leaving them with a satisfactory experience, which turns them into your loyal customers. The system facilitates the customer flow between your different facilities. Instead of standing in long queues, the system provides virtual queues where the customer gets a number in the queue and waits in a comfortable area until they are called for service. The system decreases the actual wait time, as queues run more quickly and efficiently, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The system also decreases the perceived wait time, by deploying an advanced digital signage system to guide the customers to the service counter as well as keeping them entertained with amusing content and educating them about your latest services and products, which leads to more sales.


And in order to improve the service quality further, it becomes crucial to know what your customers think of your employees and your services. SEDCO's Customer Visit Management solution allows you to do just that. Utilizing small LCD touch screens, you can collect customer feedback, allowing you to measure customer satisfaction and enhance your services accordingly. This provides better performance management and improves the overall customer experience, which eventually boosts your business.

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