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Looking for an assisted self service channel that is available to customers beyond your working hours?

Looking for an assisted self service channel that is available to customers beyond your working hours?

Businesses nowadays strive to invest in cost effective sales and service channels. That is why they are turning to self service solutions. Nonetheless, they have some worries about how customers will get used to the new experience.


SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform takes excellent care of this concern with its Virtual Service Machines (VSM), where people connect directly to an expert via a video call, which fills the gap between the self-service kiosk and the fear of adopting a new technology.


With the ability to get real human interactions, VSM machines can be installed inside and outside branches to reach your customers anytime anywhere. Customers can have live video chats with your remote agents and get served in a way similar to when visiting your standard branch at a hugely reduced operational cost. It is an active alternative channel that ensures no customer leaves unserved.


Smart Branch Experience

Once you install one of SEDDO’s Interactive Teller Machines inside branch, your customers will become more independent without having to wait in lines to get served. They will also enjoy a comfortable and convenient customer journey by having more privacy. At the same time, you will eliminate queues in your branches, decrease the workload on your employees, and reduce costs. It is a win-win situation for you and your customers.


Availability of Services 24/7

Customers can experience your Teller-Less Branch when installing the virtual service machines in open areas, which will extend your services beyond your physical branches and working hours. It is also a great way to avoid wasting time on bottlenecks, as well as attracting the attention of prospect customers to your brand


Guided Human Assistance Whenever Needed

Your customers will also have access to your live video support services 24/7 without having to wait for a branch to be open in order get their problem solved, at the same time they will be able to access to all other services that available at one of your branches around the clock.


SEDCO’s Self Service solutions are your perfect choice for taking your customer experience to the next level without having to worry about what it may cost you comparing to what it may add to your business.


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