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Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing
Omni-Channel Marketing - SEDCO

The ultimate goal in marketing is to raise brand awareness, by delivering the right message to the right people in all possible ways, and thus increase ROI. SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provide an Omni-channel Marketing engine, allowing you to promote targeted advertisements to your different customer segments across all of the interaction touchpoints.


You can define your promotional content in different formats and send it to your various marketing channels. This includes CEM mobile, SMS messages, ad on printed ticket, kiosk screen, customer feedback device, customer screen, digital signage, and social media. The content can even be sent to the service agent to promote your products and services directly to the customers.


Key Benefits of Omni-channel Marketing


  • Targeted advertisements based on customer segment.
  • Show ads about certain services/ products for the same customer on various channels.
  • Integration with your backend system to utilize your website for advertising.
  • Cut costs of paper advertising.
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