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Public Sector
Customer Experience Management for governments - SEDCO

Modern public institutions realize their processes and procedures should not be made for the convenience of their public servants at the expense of clients. Therefore they are now putting citizens, residents, and visitors at the center, and changing processes to provide an exceptional experience and service for their people.


SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) systems enable public institutions to provide excellent service while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. Whether you are a ministry, tax office, passport facility, vehicle licensing service, or any other public department that deals with people, our multi-channel systems enable you to deliver a convenient customer journey across all your touchpoints inside and outside your premises.

CEM solutions for Public Sector - SEDCO

Why CEM from SEDCO?


  • Mobile application: You can keep in touch with citizens and residents and serve them even before they head to your premises.


  • Constant availability: Provide direct access to your information and services 24/7 via our Self Service Kiosks.


  • Self service: Citizens and Residents can inquire about services or carry out a number of transactions by themselves, such as renewing ID cards or passports, issuing work permits, or any other type of public service.


  • Central management: Monitor and manage your offices and employees while ensuring exceptional customer experience at the same time.
Our Comprehensive CEM Solutions for the Public Sector
Citizens and residents will have remote access to your services. They can also search for the nearest offices and service points, and pre-book an appointment.
Identify citizens and residents when they enter into a branch by reading their ID card through a touch screen kiosk. Personalize services and greet visitors by name. 
Before going to a service desk, visitors can use our service kiosks to fill-in their data, scan their documents, and do biometric verification, which moves workload from employees to customers.
Give citizens and residents comfortable wait times by displaying dynamic and educational content on the screens. 
Get feedback about your services and performance. The system offers multi-channel feedback through Mobile App, Feedback Panels, or Self Service Kiosks.
Keep an eye on your clients’ opinions over the social media networks. 
Define your targets, monitor your performance, generate detailed reports, and analyze your processes for a better strategic planning.  
Citizens and residents can do many transactions by themselves including biometric verification, payment by card or cash, applications for different types of services, scanning documents, printing certificates, and more.  
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