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SEDCO introduces advanced interactive digital signage

SEDCO introduces advanced interactive digital signage

SEDCO, a leading provider of customer visit management solutions, has announced the release of advanced interactive digital signage system. This is a step forward in the digital signage technology. Not only will customers get informed about the organization's services and products, but they will actually get engaged and interact with the system and choose what they are interested in. 


Users can interact with the system through the touch screens, or by just waving their hands over the screen, which is very appealing for customers. It is also more hygienic, especially in healthcare and public locations.


Interactive digital signage is a great way to engage and retain customers. It is an innovative way to educate the customers about the products and services that are of interest to them, and to provide them with insights about those services and products.  It is a cost effective solution that can increase sales and enhance customer service

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