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SEDCO introduces new registration device for telecom sector

SEDCO introduces new registration device for telecom sector

SEDCO has introduced a new registration device to the telecom sector that fully automates the registration of new customers. Small and lightweight, the device can be easily desktop mounted, with a small form factor, allowing for better utilization of the available space. The new device expedites the registration process, decreases workload on staff, and improves customer satisfaction.


The customer benefits from an integrated OCR in the registration device to scan his/her identification document by themselves, which can be either their passports or ID cards, or any other enterprise loyalty card. The device captures the customer's data and stores it in a central database, allowing for better management of the customers records and offline statuses. There is no need to print paper contracts. The customer can view the contract on the device's screen and signs it electronically through a small touch pad, which will greatly save costs. The device can recognize and read SIM card barcodes if necessary.


With a fully automated registration process, any possible data entry errors will be eliminated. The device will cut down on costs as there will be no need to hire more employees, and the registration of new customers will be finalized quickly and smoothly and with just a few clicks.  

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