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Self check-in Kiosk - SEDCO

In a typical journey in a branch, the customer fills-in a paper application and waits in a queue to be served. When the customer goes to the service desk, the employee enters data from the paper form to an electronic application. The employee might also need to scan supporting documents and do verification. In this typical scenario, the service time and cost is high, and consequently, the waiting time is long.


With SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management Solutions


Our automated Self-Registration Solution is a revolutionary approach that moves the registration process from employees to customers while replacing paper work with electronic applications, which decreases effort, time, and cost. Instead of paper applications, customers use touchscreen kiosks or tablets to fill-in electronic applications. They can also scan supporting documents and even do some biometric verification. This reduces workload for your employees up to more than 70%.


Your employees will be more focused on the customers rather than tedious registration and data entry tasks, which makes the customers happy and increases their loyalty. 

Self Registration-SEDCO



Key benefits of Self-Registration solution


  • Self-registration dramatically reduces service time and cost.
  • Customers use touchscreen kiosks or tablets to fill-in electronic applications. 
  • Customers can scan supporting documents and do biometric verification.
  • Most of the workload will be moved from employees to customers. 
  • Less waiting and service times. 




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