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In order to gain a competitive advantage in the Telecom industry, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience that helps you not only retain your existing customers, but also obtain new ones. Here is where SEDCO’s comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions can help.

CEM solutions for Telecom

Why CEM from SEDCO?


  • Multi-channel approach: CEM allows you to manage your services inside and outside the stores for prepaid, postpaid and new customers, ensuring happy customers while optimizing business operations.


  • Convenient customer journey: CEM ensures a convenient customer journey for any type of telecom service including registering and selling SIM cards for new customers, bill payment, top up, and other services.


  • Availability anytime anywhere: Customers can get the services either in store or anywhere anytime through CEM's Self Service Machines.


  • Fully automated retail shops: Our Self Service Shops complete the cycle by enabling you to sell and dispense physical products to your customers (mobile phones, tablets, and telecom accessories). 
Our Comprehensive Customer Experience Management for Telecom
Customers navigate and book in the nearest branch. A reminder message is sent to them when they are about to be called.
Identify customers once they enter their mobile numbers into the kiosk, greet them by name, and offer a prioritized and personalized service to them.
Customers register their details by themselves and scan required documents, decreasing service time and cost, and reducing waiting time accordingly.  
Inform your right message and promote your offerings to your targeted customers. 
Customers share their experience about your services via omni-channel of feedback (self service kiosks, feedback panels,  or through mobiles). 
Monitor your customers’ feedback across all social media channels.   
Define your targets, analyze and conduct reports, and forecast trends for better future planning. 
Our kiosks provide multi-services including: Top up, bill payment, registration of new customers, biometric verification, and SIM cards selling and swapping.
Our Telecom Shops offer all types of Self Service kiosk facilities, besides selling physical products such as mobile phones, tablets, and telecom accessories.
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