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Umniah tracks customers visit with CVM solution from SEDCO

Umniah tracks customers visit with CVM solution from SEDCO

Amman, Jordan  – SEDCO, a leading global provider of specialized IT systems and solutions, has recently upgraded more of Umniah's branches with Customer Visit Management (CVM) solution.


Umniah is a major telecom provider in Jordan. They had a standard queuing system that did not empower them with the required capabilities to fulfill their needs. SEDCO's solution met their specific needs. The solution is more than just a queuing system. It takes care of each aspect of the customers visit, leaving them a satisfactory experience, which turns them into loyal customers. The system facilitates the customer flow between Umniah's different facilities. It decreases the actual wait time, as queues run more quickly and efficiently, which provides better customer experience.


Upon entering the branch, customers have to insert their mobile numbers into the service kiosks furnished with the system before obtaining a ticket number in the queue. The system automatically identifies the customers based on their mobile numbers, which helps in customer segmentation. The solution also includes a video recording module which starts when a customer is present at the service counter. The system also makes it very easy to track and find the records of a specific customer's visit whenever needed.


 CVM solution is flexible enough to integrate with the Umniah's backend system, allowing the administration to measure and evaluate the quality of the provided services and to enhance the overall customer experience. Utilizing advanced reporting tools, the manager can view the performance of the branches in real time and then take the necessary action when needed.


The system expands Umniah's promotional capabilities, by deploying elegant digital screens that are disturbed across the branches to display advertisements and promotional content. The screens are utilized as well to call customers forward for service and to display customer information.


SEDCO's solution empowers Umniah with the necessary tools to measure and improve performance, it facilitates the tracking and recording of customers' visit, and it transforms the branches into very organized shops.

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