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Why queuing management is important

Why queuing management is important

Poor queuing management means congested branches, reduced productivity, and long wait time, which eventually leads to dissatisfied customers. Customers hate nothing more than waiting in long queues, not knowing how long the wait or where to go. You risk losing potential customers to competitors who offer better customer service.


SEDCO's Customer Visit Management (CVM) is more than just an ordinary queuing management system. It takes care of the whole customer visit, leaving customers satisfied with your services, which boosts customer loyalty and increases revenues. No need for your customers to wait in queues. They can sit comfortably until they are called for service. Your customers will be guided through the whole visit, utilizing an advanced digital signage that tells them which service point to go to and the expected wait time.


The system keeps the customers' time occupied, by entertaining them with amusing and educational content that is displayed on the digital screens, which noticeably reduces their perceived wait time. The benefit of the digital signage system extends beyond enhancing the customer experience. The digital screens can be utilized to inform customers about new offerings and promotional events, which boosts sales and increases profit.


Before your customers leave your branch, you can measure customer satisfaction by utilizing easy-to-use customer feedback panels, which provides better performance management and improves the customer experience even further.

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