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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback



Our omni-channel Customer Feedback solution measures customers’ emotions and views across various touchpoints along their journey. The advanced system extracts data about the customer experience to find out what they expect from your business, allowing you to make strategic decisions.


Customers can provide their feedback about your service through:


  • Mobile app or SMS messages for more convenience.
  • Dedicated touchscreen feedback panels in the branch.
  • Self-service machines immediately after being served.
  • Your organization’s website, which will be integrated with CEM system.


Every feedback is linked to the customer's transaction and other related information (e.g. service details, employee name, waiting and service times) through the CEM platform.








The system supports different question types to measure customer satisfaction, such as:


NPS (Net Promoter Score) - CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) - CES (Customer Effort Score).





What can Customer Feedback system do for your business?


  • Get feedback at various levels (branch, employee, service) for any specific time.
  • Follow up with unhappy customers to increase their loyalty and retention.
  • Manage the customer feedback centrally from all channels.
  • Customer feedback is centrally managed for all branches.
  • Improve your business performance based on customer feedback.
  • Create a better experience that meets the customers’ expectations.
  • Make insightful business decisions based on dynamic reports.





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