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Cx Builder

Cx Builder
Self Service Kiosk - SEDCO

Build your kiosk applications, with minimal effort - even without an engineer.


With SEDCO’s CXBuilder, it’s easier than it looks.


  STEP 1: User-friendly templates to get you started quickly

Never start from scratch again when creating your application. With CxBuilder, you can pick and choose from many screen templates to streamline your development.

And because they’re built using standard HTML5, you can easily customize the designs to your liking using your preferred HTML design tool.



  STEP 2: Design Amazing Workflows with simple drag-and-drop features

Create the flow of your customer experience with minimal effort with a simple drag-and-drop tool. Deploy quickly without the headache.



  STEP 3: Integrate with your back-end system

CxBuilder seamlessly integrates your customer experience kiosk app with your back-end system. Every time a customer uses your kiosk, your backend system will be updated automatically. Simple and easy.


Interactive Teller Machine  - SEDCO









CxBuilder has everything you need to launch your smart digital branches today


  • Easily manage your self-service kiosks via a web portal with a central server that keeps everything seamlessly connected.
  • Keep everything safe and secure with role-based security features.
  • Streamline kiosk management with user-friendly remote configuration and monitoring
  • Always stay on track of errors with automatic SMS and email notifications
  • Increase the efficiency of your business with comprehensive transaction reports and audit logs





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