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Cx Builder

Cx Builder
Self Service Kiosk - SEDCO

SEDCO’s CxBuilder TM is an innovative framework that helps you to deliver an exceptional customer experience, by enabling you to build self-service kiosk applications in three simple steps:



  Customer Interface

CxBuilder TM  includes many screen templates that you can customize easily, or make your own screens, through your preferred HTML design tool. All screens are built using standard HTML5.



  Customer Experience Workflow

Design the workflow of the customer experience through CxBuilder TM  graphical workflow tool. You can design and modify the workflow by simple drag and drop.




Whenever a customer performs any transaction on the kiosk, it is automatically reflected in the backend system. CxBuilder TM can easily integrate with your backend systems without coding.


Interactive Teller Machine  - SEDCO




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Monitoring and Management Features


  • All kiosks are connected to a central server for easy monitoring and management via a web portal.
  • Automatic upgrade and configuration of the kiosk's software and services remotely, without the need for site visits.
  • Remote monitoring of the kiosk’s hardware and software through easy-to-read dashboards and color-coded maps.
  • Based on error type, the system sends an alert to certain person(s) by e-mail and/or SMS.
  • Role-based security, limiting users’ access to different system modules and functions.
  • Audit log for users’ and system’s actions.
  • Transactional reports including customers’ traffic, kiosks’ utilization, services’ demand, and many others.



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