From Appointment Booking to Analyzing Feedback: Improving Citizen Experience in Government Centers


Governments worldwide are racing to enhance the citizen journey through digital transformations, but often held back by tight budgets.

This setback causes long queues in public offices, leaving citizens frustrated. This is just as unpleasant for office administrators, as tracking staff performance is tricky without reliable data.

This is where smart citizen experience management solutions like advanced queue management system, combined with self-service and business intelligence, capabilities help automate citizen journeys to smooth and seamless experiences.


From Appointment Booking to Analyzing Feedback Improving Citizen Experience in Government Centers


The Digital Route to Create Seamless Citizen Experiences and Boost Operational Efficiency

SEDCO’s citizen experience management solutions help governments reduce wait time and create efficient visits throughout smart touchpoints, like:

Online Booking: On-the-Go Services

Online booking allows citizens to book appointments, issue e-tickets, submit forms, receive reminder follow-ups about their turns to eliminate confusion and missed appointments.

Smart Virtual Queuing

Walk-in Citizens can join the queue instantly by scanning a QR code through their phones. They can select the service they need and receive e-ticket, offering a convenient, touchless experience. This streamlines the process for both pre-booked appointments and walk-ins, ensuring a seamless customer journey

Smart Digital Signage

Smart digital signage directs citizens to the appropriate queues, counters, and help desks using unique ticket numbers. The smart signage also provides customized advisory content to waiting groups, minimizing perceived delays. In addition to digital screens, SEDCO offers Omni-channel options to call the next customer, including SMS notifications or audio announcements.

Self-Service Kiosks

SEDCO’s interactive self-service kiosks provide smooth channels for the citizens to do bill payments, application submissions, printing tax invoices, certificate requests and so on. Kiosks facilitate e-payments and identity verification through fingerprints and electronic signatures.

Omni-channel Citizen Feedback

Turning citizen feedback data into actionable insights to make informed, data-driven decisions is the primary objective of every governmental entity striving to enhance citizen services and satisfaction levels. SEDCO provides Omni-channel citizen feedback options through a mobile application, ticketing kiosks, or survey devices on service counters. Additionally, SEDCO smart feedback analysis system support further analyze and interpret the feedback data for continuous improvement.

Maximizing Efficiency and Citizen Satisfaction: The Power of SEDCO's Citizen Experience Management Solutions

By leveraging SEDCO smart solutions, governments will be able to provide citizen with smooth services. SEDCO empowers governmental institutions to transform government services through the following ways:

More Accessible and Convenient Services

  • Appointments booking 24/7.
  • E-Ticketing and virtual queues via mobile.
  • Self-form submission.
  • Self-payment.

This would reduce the citizens waiting time as there is no need to wait in lines in order to get served.

Optimized Front Office Operations

  • Automated queues based on ticket priority.
  • Traffic alerts to manage rush hour crowds.
  • Preconditioning through appointments.

SEDCO solutions allow administrators to streamline flows based on periods, service types and citizen profiles. Alerts on peak loads facilitate dynamic resource allocation to front desks.

Data-driven Insights for Improved Services

  • Metrics on peak traffic, waiting times and feedback
  • Identify congestion points and bottlenecks
  • Allows data-based infrastructure enhancement decisions

Integrating digital logs and citizen ratings provides visibility into public touchpoints, whereas data analytics provide insights to systematically address pain points, proving happy citizens and achieving more with less.

Moreover, SEDCO system enable to spot any technical issues in any branch from your head office and act immediately.

The Road Ahead is Digital

Transitioning from manual public services delivery to automated citizen experience management platforms is crucial for forward-thinking governments. This shift enhances convenience, efficiency, and insights by integrating physical infrastructure with digital capabilities.

SEDCO, with its deep domain expertise, has transformed citizen touchpoints across various sectors globally. With over a thousand installations, millions of citizens are using SEDCO’s system to manage their customer journey in various sectors.  These include municipalities, police departments, transport agencies, and other public organizations, each with their unique operational needs.

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