Why global banks are adopting video banking?


As a bank manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your customers receive first-class services that keeps them happy.

Customers may require assistance outside working hours, therefore, online banking has been introduced to make the life easier; but what if customers wanted to get important banking documents beyond your working hours, such as cheque books or account statements?

Here is where the video banking machine comes. The machine features a 24h remote agent enabling the bank’s customer to use multiple services, and receive physical documents with the ability to interact with a ‘human’ when required, while ensuring the best utilization of your space, human resources, and budget to increase your revenues.

 So, how does the video banking machine enhance the customer experience? Let’s find out!

Global banks adopting video banking machines from SEDCO


What is a video banking machine?

Video banking machines are interactive kiosks that simply allow your customers to get your banking services by themselves 24/7, such as bill payments, card dispensing, cheque leaves printing, and e-form applications, providing ‘human interaction’ if required- All in one integrated solution, to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Based on recent studies, 47% of customers believe they receive more value through human interaction, hence the virtual service machine covers all your customer requirements.  


Why your customers will appreciate the video banking machines?

  • Self- service assistance: Banking hours don’t fit everyone’s schedule or lifestyle. With an interactive kiosk, your customers can receive personal assistance from a remote agent at their own convenience, delivering the ultimate customer experience.
  • Availability 24h/ 365 days: Facilitate transactions all year round including public holidays, allowing your customers to complete their process when convenient.
  • Private and secure transactions: Transactions are completed in a comfortable, secure and private manner between your customer and video teller.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Everyone expects to experience a fast, seamless customer experience. With the video banking machine you’re providing your customers the most convenient journey.
  • Seats for a comfortable service: Seats are available in case a lengthy banking transaction is required, providing a comfortable experience to pregnant women, or the elderly. 


Innovate your bank the smart way

Smart banks understand the importance of delivering great customer experience in a cost effective manner. Nowadays, the easiest and simplest methods are through technology!

It’s time for you to convert into a smart digital bank distributing virtual service machines that will transform the way transactions take place while cutting down on your operating costs, increasing your bank’s efficiency, and making your business thrive!

Improving your bank’s operational efficiency through video banking machine is simple, easy to use and doesn’t require guidance. Hence, the productivity of your bank escalates due to 24h operations enabling your customers to perform complex transactions through virtual service machines, saving time and expedites transactions.

Evolve into a smart digital branch, deliver an exceptional customer experience and keep your branch organized!

Win the digital transformation



Innovate Your Bank with SEDCO Solutions

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With SEDCO solutions you will have the power to:

  • Manage, track and optimize services.
  • Monitor your remote experts to enhance their productivity.
  • Make insightful decisions based on service demands, revenue, and customer feedback.

Start 2020 with smart banking using our customer journey management solutions and virtual service machines.

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