Why Should your bank think beyond Queue Management?


Have your customers complained about waiting in long queues? Well, new technologies have evolved to help save time and boost efficiency!

As we look into the world of smart banking, customers expect their experience to be smooth and seamless regardless of the channels they choose. Therefore, it’s time for you to provide a seamless journey to your customers, by selecting the best queue management system with integrated business intelligence.

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Queue Management System- Facts

Queue management systems are designed for different types of industries, allowing them to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity, and operational efficiency.

Based on studies, between 80 and 90% of customers prefer using a bank that has a queue management system than wait in long queues.  87% state they would use a queuing management system in order to reduce their waiting time, and over 67% are willing to download queue app to reserve their place in line before accessing their closest branch.

Therefore, it’s time for you to integrate an advanced queuing system and satisfy your customers’ needs in order to win a competition.

How can smart Queue Management improve your operations?

Implementing a queuing system can deliver an increase of up to 35% in service efficiency. The baking industry is transforming, and customers are evolving into smart banking.

An advanced queue system will grant the bank manager full control over the branch, with a real-time view of the current status of each banking service and reports about the overall branch and employees. If a situation arises, the manager is alerted and can act immediately. The bank manager has full monitoring and control of all branches and queues from his/her office, ensuring seamless operations.

It’s a win-win situation for you and your customer

What can the smart Queue Management system in the bank offer your customers?

Streamline the customer flow in your branches, and have full control over your bank!

Benefits of Queue Management include:

  1. Shorter queues:  Enable customers to enter a virtual queue by taking a ticket through alternative channels including mobile apps and websites. Customers are considered in-line before entering their closest branch. At arrival, they get assisted immediately according to their turn.

  2. Less perceived wait time: The perceived waiting time is decreased by engaging customers with entertaining content displayed on the digital signage system while targeting them with promotions to increase your sales!

  3. Increased customer satisfaction: Know what your customers expect from your bank, and improve services according to their demands to ensure full customer satisfaction.

  4. Seamless experiences: Without the hassle of crowds, or demotivated staff, utilizing the queue system makes a huge difference to the environment.

  5. Improved service quality: Queue management system helps you to keep track of staff performance. Any service problems are reported instantly, and managers are able to follow live statistics and assign staff to a specific service if necessary. This process also brings down waiting times and ensures that customers are happy.

Queue systems in banks are more than mere ticket systems!

Our advanced queueing system is empowered with an advanced business intelligence platform (BI) that transforms your data into meaningful insights, enabling you to monitor operations, forecast trends, and make faster and well- informed business actions while delivering exceptional customer experiences!

Transform to a smart bank with SEDCO’s Self Service solutions

Besides its queue management system, SEDCO provides 24/7 Self-service machines that transform banks to smart digital branches, where customers can be served by themselves around the clock, such as open new accounts, issue cards, print cheques, and account statements.

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