Why telecom operators should think beyond Sim Dispensing Kiosk?


The telecom industry has witnessed rapid changes in tech innovations including 5G, smartphones, wearables, virtual SIM, and other technologies.

Have you considered escalating your telecom solutions 24/7?

If you want customers to access your business after your working hours, the automated telecom shop is your way forward! Making your products available at all times through your digital telecom shops increases your sales and profits, while giving customers the opportunity to get your services whenever they want.

Take your business to a whole new level- With automated self-service telecom shops!


SEDCO Self Service Shop


24/7 purchases with automated telecom shops

The 24h automated telecom shop empowers your customers to get several services and purchase physical products by themselves beyond SIM cards, such as mobile phones, tablets and accessories at their own convenience, including ‘repair and return’ services.

Today, 90% of shoppers between the ages of 18-39 consider self- service checkouts faster and simpler. Hence, the automated telecom shop delivers great value for you and your customers.

According to research, self-service kiosks created a huge impact on “customer experience”, as it reduced waiting times for customers resulting in more customer satisfaction and a healthier business environment for employees.

Top 6 reasons to digitalize your telecom shops

In order to increase your customers’ base and ensure seamless experiences, it’s essential to deliver round-the-clock access to your services and products. Here are some of the key benefits for using automated vending machines:    


  1. Availability 24/7: Working hours come to an end but new automated telecom shops serve customers 24h - Therefore your company is always in action!
  2. It’s fast: The automated telecom shop saves customers’ time as it’s available around the clock, eliminating queues, and ensuing a seamless customer experience.
  3. Increased revenues: You will experience an increase in profit as your telecom solutions are available through the self-service shop at all times.
  4. Better customer satisfaction: Your customers’ happiness always comes first. The automated shop delivers services in a private and secure manner.
  5. Customers’ recommendation will grow: A successful self-service portal will strengthen your customers’ opinions of your overall self-service telecom store which increases your brand awareness, and encourages customers to advertise your brand name through “word of mouth”.
  6. Highly secure sales point: One of the biggest advantages of a self-service telecom shop is security. You never have to worry about theft, or break-ins, as your products are perfectly safe in the double glassed door.

The automated telecom shops are easy to find, easy to use, and the best part- Your customers can use them whenever they want!

 Grow your business with automated telecom shops

Installing the automated shops in public areas empowers your existing and potential customers - and a wider market - to get your services, and purchase products, while enjoying a personalized and convenient customer journey.

Innovate with Smart Vend

Transform into digital telecom stores

SEDCO digital branch transformation solutions are your route to success!

It’s our job to ensure that you provide your customers with the ultimate self-service solutions and an exceptional customer experience using our newest and unique automated telecom shop.  Become part of the digital transformation!

Our automated telecom shop offers your customers:

  • Remote video access: Get assistance from a remote agent under your watch-24h.
  • Availability of products and services 24/7: Smart devices dispensing, bill payment, top up, mobile money and account management at any time that is suitable for your customers.
  • Queues eliminated: Offer a whole new customer journey, first come-first serve!
  • Repair & Return: SEDCO’s self-service telecom shops come with special lockers to receive, repair and return items, including smartphones, and other telecom devices.

Gift your customers this generation with automated telecom shop, it’s time to win your competition!

Start the new decade using our automated telecom shop.

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