Namibia's Road Authority adopts SEDCO's CEM solutions

Namibia’s Roads Authority creates seamless customer journeys and increases staff efficiency with CVM solutions from SEDCO
Public Sector

The Roads Authority, whose core business is to construct and maintain Namibia’s road sector, plays a pivotal role towards road safety in Namibia. Namibia’s road network has been ranked among the safest, most efficient and sustainable. 

The growth of the road infrastructure and the expansion of the road network have contributed immensely to the economic development of Namibia and the SADC sub-region as a whole. 

Business Situation


With the large patient traffic, the hospital needed a solution to ensure a smooth patient journey between its medical facilities.


A powerful patient visit management system to enhance operations and create an exceptional patient experience.



  • Smooth patient flow
  • More organized environment 
  • Less waiting time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Live monitoring of operations 
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Business Situation

The Road Authority strives to deliver outstanding services to the citizens and residents of Namibia. With the increase of service demand, masses of customers inside the authority’s branches, waiting in long queues to get service from the employees. The branches were congested with customers. The customer queues were manually organized by the staff, causing stress and inconvenient journeys. 

SEDCO_s queue kiosk


The increasing demand on services required an efficient way to facilitate service delivery while increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency. That is why the Roads Authority invested in Customer Visit Management solution (CVM) from SEDCO, a leading provider of digital branch transformation solutions. 

CVM solution offered the customers of the Roads Authority a convenient and seamless journey. Customers use CVM ticketing kiosks to select the desired service and get a ticket from the queue system. 

At the same time, the authority controls the performance of its branches and employees through BI live monitoring dashboards and advanced reporting tools, with the ability to generate various reports at all organizational levels.  

Digital Signage system

Customers are notified about the queue info through the system’s digital signage, keeping them informed about the queue status, while engaging them with dynamic content about the various services that the authority offers, reducing their perceived waiting time. 

The installed solution helped greatly in optimizing performance while creating a seamless journey for the visitors, with the least possible hassle and wait time.

Customer Visit Management Menu Image


Smooth and seamless customer journey: After installing CVM solution, the Roads Authority immediately eliminated crowding inside its branches. There is less stress, as visitors get a ticket and sit down in the waiting hall instead of standing in queues. The system created organized branches and delivered a great customer experience. 

Increased staff efficiency and productivity: Instead of organizing the queue manually, which was a daunting task to the employees especially at peak hours, the queue system automatically calls customers forward to the service counters. Staff can focus on serving customers, elevating their overall efficiency.  

Optimized utilization of resources and maximized performance: The management can have a real time view of operations and take immediate actions when necessary. The manager can also see reports about the performance of the employees, allowing for better control of the branches and increased performance. 

Less actual and perceived wait times: Keeping the customers engaged with the system’s digital signage reduced their perceived waiting time, while the queuing management system decreased their actual wait time. The digital screens are also a great tool to increase the customers’ awareness and interest in the authority’s services. 

CVM solution improved the quality of services offered by the Roads Authority while creating a comfortable place where customers feel welcomed. It has empowered the management with all the required tools to monitor, measure, and enhance performance. 

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