Bertha Gxowa Hospital selects SEDCO's Patient Visit Management system

More organized patient flow and better efficiency

Established in 2011, Bertha Gxowa Hospital is a modern medical institution located in South Africa. The hospital receives thousands of patients annually. Handling such a large patient traffic is a tremendous task for any healthcare provider.

Business Situation


The large number of patient traffic at Bertha Gxowa hospital brought challenges in managing the patient flow and directing patients to the different medical facilitates.


An advanced Patient Visit Management (PVM) solution with a queue system, business intelligence, and digital signage, offering the hospital better control over the patient journey by automating the flow of patients among the hospital’s facilities.



Eliminates the crowds of people that formed in the hospital, reduces stress and anxiety in the reception area, reduces wait and service time, improves operations, and optimizes the overall performance of the hospital.

Bertha Gxowa Hospital installing SEDCO Patient Visit Management solution

Business Situation

One of the key challenges facing the hospital was organizing the patient flow from one medical facility to another, starting from the reception desk, to the clinic, to the cashier and pharmacy, in a smooth and easy way.

Patients would check for an appointment at the reception desk using their Patient ID Number, and if he/she had an appointment, they would go to the nursery station for a primary checkup and then they head to the waiting area. Meanwhile, the nursery station would request the patient's file from the filing department.

Once the file is brought, the nurse would walk to the waiting area and call the patient forward by name. This process is long and inconvenient. It also does not protect the privacy of patients, as their names are called out loud in public.

This made the hospital look for a solution that will help them to create a more convenient patient journey to ensure a smooth patient flow between facilities and receive services in a minimal wait time, while eliminating the workload on staff and optimizing the overall efficiency of the hospital.

SEDCO's queue system for Bertha Gxowa hospital

The Solution

In order to enhance processes and provide a superior patient experience, Bertha Gxowa hospital adopted Patient Visit Management (PVM) solution from SEDCO, a leading global provider of patient journey management solutions.  

Virtual queues for a smoother patient flow

PVM solution gave the hospital better control over their patients' journey. The system automates the various processes in the hospital, so for example, when the patient obtains a printed ticket from the queuing kiosk, the system immediately sends a request to the filing department to forward the patient's file to the nursery station for regular checkup. The system also allows the patients to obtain a primary checkup form from the service kiosk that will be filled by the nursery station.

SEDCO's digital signage system for Bertha Goxwa hospital

Patients are called forward as numbers to protect their privacy

There is no need to call the patients forward by their names, as each patient will have a unique number in the queue, protecting the privacy of each patient. The solution automatically announces the number of the next patient to be served. The patient can sit comfortably in the waiting area while the system transfers and moves him/her among the medical facilities.

Smart digital signage to engage patients and guide them

Smart digital screens were installed in the waiting areas inside the hospital to ensure a comfortable waiting time. As patients wait for their turn, they are engaged with dynamic and educational content on the screens, such as health tips and medical information, reducing their perceived wait time. Queue info appears on the screens to guide them to the right medical facility.

The installed solution created a patient friendly atmosphere where patients can systematically move from one facility to another, with the least possible hassle and wait time.


Seamless patient journeys

After installing PVM system, the hospital was immediately able to eliminate the crowds that formed in the hospital. There was less stress in the reception area as patients get a ticket and sit down in a comfortable waiting area until they are called forward based on their appointment time. The system keeps the patients' journey more organized and ensures that they comfortably receive the required treatment.

Less service time

The system noticeably saves time, as there is no need for the hospital’s employees to handle all the phases of the patient's journey from its start to its end, which will in turn elevate the efficiency of the hospital staff.

better operations management and resource allocation

The hospital’s administration is able to have a real time view of operations and to take immediate measures. For example, if the waiting time exceeds the pre-defined limits, the manager is alerted by the system and can take the necessary actions accordingly. Managers can also see reports about the performance of the medical complex, such as the average waiting time, the average delay times, etc, which allows for better control of the institution.

In addition to improving the operational processes in the institution, the system enables the hospital's administration to utilize the gathered data by the system for better resource allocation and planning.

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