Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) adopts SEDCO’s self-service kiosks

Seamless customer experience, optimized resources, and 4 times faster services

Etihad Etisalat Co. (Mobily) is a leading Saudi Telecommunications company with a total equity of SAR 13.8 billion as of 1 October 2018. The company was established in 2004 by a consortium led by Etihad Etisalat, the UAE-based telecom conglomerate.

Mobily is the first Saudi communications company to get an operating license for 3rd generation services and beyond. Today, Etihad Etisalat accounts for over 40% market share of mobile subscriptions in the Kingdom.

The company owns 66% of the Saudi National Fiber Network (SNFN), which is one of the world’s largest fiber-optic networks, and one that enables Mobily to provide communication, broadband, and mobile services. Recently, the network was extended to other countries, including Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan.

Business Situation
Business Situation

With the aim of providing a unique customer experience and to be the preferred telecom company in Saudi Arabia, Mobily has prioritized customer needs by introducing more streamlined services. Having launched advanced self-service solutions to replace existing machines that lacked several telecom functionalities, Mobily leads the change to improvise and innovate using SEDCO’s groundbreaking kiosks.


Mobily selected self-service kiosks from SEDCO. A total of 100 kiosks were implemented in strategic places across the kingdom to extend Mobily services beyond working hours and provide their customers with complete services anywhere at any time.


- Availability of service 24/7
- Increased revenues
- Reduced operating costs
- Seamless customer experience
- Optimized utilization of resources
- Better brand image
- Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
- Increased market reach

Mobily head office

Business Situation

In line with its vision to provide a unique customer experience, and to be the preferred telecom company in the country, Mobily has always invested in the latest digital branch transformation solutions in order to offer a superior service quality and ensure total customer satisfaction.

Mobily has worked to enrich the overall customer experience by way of being accessible to customers, and providing prompt services round the clock. To that end, the company has adopted SEDCO's self-service platform, which further enables them to widen their market reach, and in turn offer an improved service quality by overriding waiting time. Moreover, Mobily looked to a more powerful alternative to automate all the major telecom services and make them available to customers 24/7. This is why they selected SEDCO’s self-service kiosks to enable full digital transformation.

Mobily self service machines by SEDCO

The solution

Mobily has adopted advanced self-service kiosks from SEDCO. A total of 100 kiosks were placed strategically across the Kingdom, empowering customers to avail Mobily services at their own convenience anytime, anywhere.

The self-service machines have accelerated the SIM dispensing process by 3 times. Instead of waiting at the branch to get the SIM card from a counter employee, customers can simply insert their ID cards or passports into the machines, e-sign a contract on the kiosk screen, pay the required fees by card or cash, and receive the card instantly. This automated process takes about 3 minutes. Other telecom transactions including SIM swap and bill payment are also 4 times faster when done through the machines.

The self-service kiosks provide other telecom services including new customer registration, bill payment, top-up, customer profile update, bills/vouchers/customer contracts printing, customer contracts deposit, cash exchange, loyalty redemption, and customer live support.

All the kiosks are connected to a central management and monitoring server which monitors the kiosks and sends SMS and/or e-mail alerts to certain people at certain events. The management server also enables remote management, configuration, and software upgrades for kiosks without the need to physically visit them. The self-service machines are highly secure, giving Mobily management full control of the devices remotely to ensure the continuity of their services. Each kiosk witnesses an average of 7000 visits per month.

At the end of each transaction, the system also prompts customers to provide feedback on the spot. This is done via the kiosk’s touchscreen. Mobily uses these responses to measure customer satisfaction and plan a customer-oriented strategy.

In order to increase revenues, the kiosks were furnished with elegant digital screens, allowing Mobily to acquaint the public with the various services that are offered, and to attract new customers.

The kiosks are modular and can be easily customized to add more functions in the future whenever a new service is introduced by Mobily.

Mobily self service kiosk by SEDCO


The self-service kiosks created an exceptional customer experience by providing access to Mobily services beyond working hours, granting customers independence, speed, and convenience.

After installing SEDCO’s self-service kiosks, Mobily gained a number of benefits:

  • Availability of service 24/7: Customers now have round-the-clock access to the complete range of services from Mobily, including dispensing of physical items like SIM cards.
  • Increased revenues: The self-service machines act as great digital sales channels, empowering Mobily to promote their products and services on the kiosks’ screens, and increase sales via cross-selling. Elegant digital screens were also installed on the kiosks to display promotional content for more sales.
  • Reduced operating costs: This was achieved by cutting costs per transaction and the marketing costs of printed advertisements.
  • Seamless customer experience: Rather than going to Mobily shops, the self-service kiosks offered convenience to customers everywhere.
Mobily self service machine in a mall by SEDCO
  • Optimized utilization of resources: This was done through automation of services, eradicating the need for employee intervention.
  • Better brand image: Mobily stays ahead of competitors with digital branch transformation.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty: The system offers customers a convenient service channel, while empowering them to give instant feedback, thereby enabling Mobily to follow-up immediately with dissatisfied customers and improve services.
  • Increased market reach: The kiosks were installed in 23 cities across the country, making Mobily services available to customers 24/7, even in less-served areas.

The self-service kiosks comply with CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) regulations. They serve as a full point-of-sale solution, integrating KYC (Know Your Customer) features such as fingerprint scanning, ID validations, and QR code reading, in addition to customer data updates, customer documentations, loyalty programs, voucher management, bill payment, and user authentications

Integrated with Mobily’s back-end system, the self-service kiosks are scalable, flexible, and compatible with the company’s digital transformation strategy.

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