GO-Malta Implements SEDCO’s Self-Service Solutions to Extend Its Services 24/7


GO-Malta is the biggest provider of telecommunications services in Malta. The company is known for offering top-quality DSL fiber internet, local and international telephone services, digital terrestrial TV services, and wireless services. Its headquarters is based in Marsa, Malta.

Business Situation
Business Situation

Go Malta was looking for better payment channels to provide convenience to customers while also providing easy access to services 24/7


GO-Malta selected SEDCO to install self-service kiosks outside its branches in smart self-service zones, to offer easy access to bill payment and mobile top-up services to local customers and tourists.

  • Alternative service channel
  • Availability of service 24/7
  • Seamless customer journey
  • Less cost per transaction and Opex cost
  • Easy to reach new demographics
  • Flexibility to relocate the machines
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Business Situation

As the leading telecommunications company in Malta, GO constantly strives to adopt the latest branch transformation technologies to transform the customer experience. The company was looking for a way to introduce better payment channels to ensure that its services remain available for customers 24/7. Previously, customers could only utilize the company’s website or visit a branch to pay bills or sign up for services. While these were sufficient to a certain extent, they prevented the telecom company from reaching new demographics and required more effort from customers.

Go-Malta also aimed to improve its resource utilization and cut costs via automation. That is why the company sought a smart solution that would provide access to its services 24/7 while reducing the cost per transaction and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Go Malta self-service kiosk by SEDCO

The solution

In order to provide convenience to customers, GO-Malta invested in SEDCO’s self-service kiosks. The multifunction telecom kiosks were installed in smart self-service zones, extending the working hours without extending staff and branches costs.

The cost-effective self-service machines offer bill payment and top-up services, and they can be easily upgraded to offer other telco services in the future, including cash-in, cash-out, mobile money transfer, e-wallet subscription, voucher top-up, and bills request. The self-service kiosks witness an average of 5000 visits per month, and increased the monthly revenue growth by 12%

Reducing service time up to 50%

The smart self-service machines accelerated services, reducing the top-up time to less than 30 seconds, and the bill payment time to 1 minute. At the same time, the self-service machines reduced the customer waiting time while reducing service time up to 50%.

The solution is powered with business-intelligence (BI) module, allowing the company to generate detailed reports include kiosk visits reports, transactions reports, inventory reports, product dispensing reports, and transactions errors reports.

The multifunction payment machines can be configured and managed remotely to ensure they are running properly at all times, and the kiosk software can be upgraded remotely- without the need to deploy a team for onsite services. This can help streamline the kiosk management process and make it more cost-efficient.

GO-Malta payment kiosk


Alternative Service Channel

As 25% of millennials today are using self-service to avoid any human interaction, the multifunction payment kiosks empowered GO-Malta to offer an alternative service channel to customers. This encourages customers to make fast transactions and allows the business to generate more revenue.

Increased Revenue

Installing SEDCO’s self-service kiosks -with top up and bill payment services available around the clock - has helped Go-Malta to achieve business objectives and increase the monthly revenue growth by 12%.

Availability of Service 24/7

Customers can utilize the self-service machines to get Go-Malta’s services beyond standard branch hours. This offered more convenience to local customers, and also offered tourists access to the company’s services to top-up their lines.

Seamless Customer Journey

The multifunction self-service kiosks eliminate waiting time. Customers can directly go to the service machines and carry out transactions by themselves. This saves their time and provides a more convenient customer journey.

Go Malta branch using SEDCO self-service kiosk

Less Cost per Transaction and Opex Costs

The cost-effective self-service kiosk is like a mini-telecom center that reduces employee and overhead costs while empowering customers to get services beyond working hours, which resulted in more transactions at a reduced cost. The telecom kiosks also required a significantly lower capital investment in terms of implementation and maintenance costs, delivering better ROI.

Easy to Reach New Demographics

Introducing these payment kiosks enabled GO-Malta to explore new demographics without establishing new branches. The smart telecom machines were installed outside GO’s branches- in public areas- to give flexibility to customers and travelers to use the machines at any time.

Flexibility to Relocate the Machines

Go-Malta can easily deploy and relocate the self-service machines to match its growing branch footprint and shifts in business strategy. The telecommunications provider can use the smart payment machines to expand to new locations, boost its reach, explore new demographics, and achieve better business outcomes.

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