Jordan Islamic Bank launches its first digital branch by implementing SEDCO's self service solutions


Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) was established in 1978 to provide banking, financial, and investment services in compliance with the Islamic Sharia’. The bank serves about 1080 thousands customers through 83 branches, 25 cash offices, 2234 employees, and a network of 279 ATM machines. Customers are also served through alternative channels including Internet and Mobile Banking.

Business Situation
Business Situation

Jordan Islamic Bank (JIB) has a big network of ATM machines that offers cash services to customers 24/7.  However, they needed to automate non-cash transactions using a cost-effective solution to offload staff and reduce operating costs.


JIB launched its first digital branch, by implementing SEDCO’s self-service solution - CONSTULATM. The machines provide non-cash services 24/7, with video call feature for virtual assistance.

  • Availability of non-cash services 24/7.
  • Better customer acquisition.
  • Less cost per transaction and opex costs.
  • Saving time and effort.
  • Easy to maintain the machines.
  • Seamless customer journey.
Jordan Islamic Bank SEDCO digital branch transformation

Business Situation

Jordan Islamic Bank has a big network of ATM machines that offers services to customers 24/7. But as the ATMs handle cash transactions only, the next level of automation would be to automate non-cash transactions. A typical ATM machine cannot provide many non-cash transactions such as opening a new account or printing cards.

Although high-end ATMs and ITMs can provide such services, these machines are a heavy investment, as their cost of ownership is high, the development of services requires special knowledge in ATM switch programming, and the maintenance of these machines incurs high running costs including spare parts, repair, and change requests for adding or changing services. As the machines provide cash services, they have all the complications of cash management including security, risk, cash in transit, and insurance.

In line with its vision and digitization strategy, Jordan Islamic Bank adopted the latest digital branch transformation technologies that can automate non-cash transactions at a fraction of the cost and extend the services 24/7 without the complications of cash management, aiming to provide convenient service channels with 24hr availability to customers.

Jordan Islamic Bank digital branch transformation

The solution

With the aim of transforming its branches to smarter ones and providing a seamless customer experience 24/7, Jordan Islamic Bank launched its first digital branch, by installing SEDCO’s self-service solution (CONSULTATM) in a 24/7 self-service zone to give flexibility to JIB’s customers to use the machines at any time.

cost-effective machines offer 24hr onboarding experience, enabling people to open a new account and issue bank cards instantly, without the need to wait for several days to receive the card by courier or to re-visit the bank to get the card. The machines are empowered with virtual assistance feature, enabling customers to run a video call with  a  remote  agent  for  identity  verification  and  assistance  24/7,  while  enabling customers to scan different documents at any time if required.

Moreover, customers can deposit cheques directly through the self-service kiosks and perform many other banking transactions. This includes requesting chequebooks, transferring money, receiving finance information, updating account info, and opening an additional account.

The multifunction self-service machines enable customer validation through national ID cards, passports, and e-signature, which authenticates the process aiming towards secured transactions and convenient customer journey.

The solution is empowered with advanced business intelligence, live dashboards, and maps to monitor the status of each machine and get deep insights into the performance of the machines to ensure better quality services.

As SEDCO’s self-service machines do not offer cash services, they do not involve all the complications of cash management that the ATMs have.


After installing SEDCO’s self-service kiosks, Jordan Islamic Bank gained a number of benefits:

Availability of Non-Cash Services 24/7

JIB customers can use the self-service machines to get the bank’s non-cash services even beyond the standard working hours, such as cheque deposit and instant issuance of banking cards, providing a better customer experience anytime anywhere.

Better Customer Acquisition

As the self-service machines are accessible round the clock and offer instant bank cards dispensing, this made it much easier for people to open a new account with the bank and print their ATM cards on the spot, leading to new acquisitions.

Less Cost per Transaction and Opex Costs

The self-service kiosks offer an alternative service channel, reducing employee and overhead costs while empowering customers to get services 24/7, which resulted in more transactions at a reduced cost. CONSULTATM machines also required a significantly lower capital investment in terms of ownership, implementation and maintenance costs, delivering better ROI.

Saving Time and Effort

The machines helped in offloading JIB’s employees, by directing customers to the self-service kiosks instead of the counter employees to eliminate waiting time, while saving bankers’ time and freeing them for other more complex banking tasks.

Easy to Maintain the Machines

SEDCO’s CONSULTATM machines are based on standard open technologies, which lowers the training and support costs. SEDCO provided training for the bank on its innovative self-service sohware (CxBuilder™), enabling the IT department at the bank to develop and maintain services on their own faster and at a much lower cost.

Seamless Customer Journey

The multifunction self-service kiosks eliminate waiting time. Instead of getting the services from the counter employees, customers can carry out transactions by themselves directly through the self-service machines. This saves their time and provides a more convenient customer journey.

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