King Fahad Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) implement's Patient Visit Management Solution from SEDCO

Enhanced operations for an exceptional patient experience

Located in Dhahran city in KSA, King Fahad Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) is the most modern medical institution among the armed forces medical service hospitals. KFMMC extends on an area of 50,000 square meters. It consists of specialized departments like: Nephrology, Kidney transplants, Vascular surgery, and Specialty clinics.

KFMMC receives thousands of patients annually. Handling such a huge number of patients is a tremendous task for any healthcare provider.

Business Situation


With the huge number of patients visiting KFMMC annually, it became very hard to manage the patients' visit using a completely manual process that consumed the time and effort of KFMMC's staff and caused lots of inconvenience to the patients.


A powerful patient visit management solution that gives KFMMC better control over their patients' visit, and automates the flow of patients among KFMMC facilities.



Eradicates the masses of people that formed in KFMMC, reduces stress and anxiety in the reception area, reduces wait time, improves efficiency and optimizes the overall performance of the institution.

King Fahad Military Medical Complex

Business Situation

KFMMC used a completely manual process to manage their patients' visit. Patients would check for an appointment at the reception desk, then head to the nursery station for a quick checkup and wait for their turn, until the nurse calls the patient forward by name to go the doctor’s clinic.

Another challenge was to track the patients' files. In a manually handled process, an employee has to search through piles of files in the filing department in order to find out whether the patient has a file or not and to locate the file, which is wasteful to the employee's time and effort.

KFMMC also had no proper method to manage the male and female sections separately. All these problems and challenges made KFMMC look for a solution that will help them to create a convenient patient journey with smooth patient and minimal service time, while reducing the workload on the KFMMC's staff and optimizing the hospital’s overall performance.

SEDCO's Patient Visit Management solution and King Fahad Military Medical Complex

The Solution

In order to enhance operations and create an exceptional patient experience, KFMMC implemented Patient Visit Management solution from SEDCO, a leading global provider of patient journey management solutions. 

The system allows for patient identification. Thus, KFMMC can easily identify whether the patient already has a file or not once he/she obtains a ticket in the queue. The system also automates the various processes in KFMMC. When the patient gets a ticket from the ticketing kiosk, the system instantly notifies the filing department to send the patient’s file to the nursery station for a primary checkup.

Each patient will have a unique queue number. When it’s the patient’s turn, the system automatically announces his/her queue number. Main LED screens are fixed in the waiting room in order to direct the patients to the proper clinic once they are called forward by the doctor to receive the service. Tailored and customized to meet KFMMC's specific needs, the installed solution helped greatly in relieving the stress off its staff and allowed them focus more on serving the patients. 

SEDCO's digital signage system at King Fahad Military Medical Complex


After installing PVM system, KFMMC was immediately able to reduce crowds at the reception area. There was less stress as patients get a queue tickets and wait while comfortably seated, until they are called forward to service.

The system also noticeably saves time, as it automates the patient flow, reducing the workload KFMMC, which results in better efficiency.

PVM enables doctors to have a real view of the patients waiting and it enables them to call the patients forward at any time by simply pressing on a button.

On a higher level, KFMMC's management can monitor operations in real-time and take immediate measures if necessary. The system can generate advanced reports about the hospital’s performance in order to provide a superior service quality, while ensuring better resource allocation and strategic planning.

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