Raiffeisen Bank first to implement SEDCO’s Customer Experience solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1,300 Employees
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Established in 1992, Raiffeisen Bank d.d. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a leading financial institution in the country, and a member of Raieisen Bank International AG Group - headquartered in Austria, which has a strong presence in 14 markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Serving more than 450,000 customers through 97 banking outlets, Raiffeisen Bank has heavily invested in new technology and professional staff, with a special focus on customer-centric approaches, implementing new sales channels, and adopting innovative products and services. All of this gave the bank a competitive advantage and made it stand out in the local market.

  • Enhance service quality.
  • Control all branches.
  • Manage customer flow.
  • Cut costs.

Comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions:

  • CEM mobile app
  • CVM system
  • BI system
  • Convenient customers’ journeys
  • 360 degree in-depth insights
  • Increased sales and revenues
  • Full management and control of the branches, maximized efficiency
  • Better brand image

Business Situation

With the goal of taking the customers’ experience to exceptional levels and to be the preferred business partner for banks in the country, the bank sought an innovative solution that makes the customers happy while minimizing workload for its staff and increasing revenues. It required a solution that would meet the following needs:

SEDCO's CEM solutions at Raiffeisen Bank
  • Manage and automate the customer flow to the service counters.
  • Provide a smooth and comfortable journey to customers through all touchpoints.
  • Get automated analytical data about the bank’s performance.
  • Monitor and control all branches easily.
  • Measure and evaluate the customer satisfaction.
  • Improve efficiency and foster more customer loyalty and retention.
  • Surpass other local competitors, who were deploying simple queuing management
    systems that lacked many of the advanced functionalities that the bank was seeking.

That is why Rai­ffeisen Bank embraced SEDCO’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, a completely new concept that far exceeds what queuing management systems can do, ensuring a seamless customer journey even before the customer visits the branches. Rai­ffeisen Bank is the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to implement this solution.

SEDCO's customer feedback device at Raiffeisen bank branch


Raiffeisen Bank chose CEM solution from SEDCO, a global leader in providing comprehensive

CEM solutions. The solution binds together the customers’ demands with the bank’s needs, assuring that the customers have exceptional experiences, while keeping the bank’s management on the pulse of all its processes to help it achieve greater success.

E-tickets through CEM mobile app

The system empowered the bank’s customers by allowing them to book appointments on the go through CEM Mobile application. Using their mobile devices, the customers can locate the nearest branches to them with the least waiting time, book an appointment, and virtually get in line before they actually arrive to the branch.

Virtual queues for a smoother customer flow

The system takes care of the customer flow to the service counters. Customers get a queue ticket from SEDCO’s ticketing kiosks, unless they have already booked appointments through their mobile devices/ tablets. Knowing how long is the wait, they can wander around in the branch and acquaint themselves with the bank’s other services, which creates a great opportunity for cross selling.

Real-time central monitoring and management of branches

With the central management feature, monitoring all branches cannot be any easier. The bank’s manager has a real-time view of the processes inside each branch remotely, with the ability to take action immediately.

Advanced Business Intelligence tools for better future strategies

The system is empowered with an advanced Business Intelligence platform that is integrated with every touchpoint to provide the manager with deep insights about the bank’s performance. This includes real-time monitoring, reports and statistics about the business operations, advanced analytics, and capacity planning. All of this is key to better utilization of resources and future planning.

Omni-channel feedback to collect and measure customer satisfaction

Collecting customers’ feedback about the services and employees is now done via special services in the branch, or through the mobile app or SMS messages. The bank’s management uses this feedback to measure the visitors’ satisfaction and to evaluate performance.

Smart digital signage to entertain customers and promote services

The adopted solution incorporates elegant digital screens, which were installed in the waiting areas inside the branches to ensure a comfortable waiting time. As customers wait to get the service, they are entertained with dynamic and promotional content on the screens, reducing their perceived wait time while they get updated with the bank’s latest services and other important info.

Some of the key benefits that Raiffeisen Bank gained after deploying CEM solution:

Convenient customer journeys

Customers can make appointments on the go from their mobile devices, eliminating queues, and ensuring that the branches are less crowded and the customer flow is smoother.

360 degree in-depth insights

Utilizing the smart BI tools in the system, the bank’s manager obtained deep insights about the customers’ visits, the service level, the workload, the resources utilization, and other important performance indicators (KPIs), which helped in measuring and maximizing the bank’s performance.

Increased sales and revenues

With targeted advertisements on the system’s digital screens, and customized ads which are sent to the customers’ mobile phones based on their profiles, the bank was able to promote its services and products and make more profit.

Full control of the branches

The easy-to-read dashboards and screens in CEM solution gave the bank’s manager full management and control of branches remotely from the main office.

Maximized efficiency

With a hassle-free environment, the employees were able to focus more on the customer service, in order to deliver an outstanding experience to the customers.

Better brand image

With SEDCO’s omni-channel feedback, the bank collected feedback from the customers immediately after being served. This allowed for enhancing the bank’s performance to ensure that customers are happy about their interaction with the bank, resulting in a better brand image.

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