Stanbic Bank transforms their customers’ journey with SEDCO queuing system


Stanbic Bank is a leading and reputable bank in Ghana. The bank is renowned for being customer-oriented, business-friendly, and socially relevant. The bank received several awards for its outstanding service quality and performance, such as the awards of Top Performing Business, Best Financial Institution, and Best Bank in Ghana.

Business Situation

With the increase in the footfall to Stanbic bank branches, it became very difficult to manage the customers’ journey using a completely manual process that consumes the time and effort of the staff and causes inconvenience to the customers


A powerful queue management management solution that gives Stanbic bank better control over its customers’ journey, and automates the flow of customers inside the branches.


360 degree real-time monitoring and control of branches centrally

- Seamless customer journeys for better customer satisfaction

- Increased purchase intent with targeted promotions.

- Maximized productivity


SEDCO's CEM solutions at Stanbic bank branch

Business Situation

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence, Stanbic Bank is always keen to adopt any new digital transformation technology that would help it achieve its optimal goal. Relying solely on the service employees to deliver the services to customers was exhausting and time-consuming. Customers had to stand in queues and wait for their turn, which was tiresome and unsatisfactory to customers. This also put a big load on the bank's service employee, as they had to handle all the aspects of the customers' journey by themselves, which also means that the bank's resources were not utilized to the best.

That is why Stanbic bank made the decision to adopt a smart banking technology that would transform the branches and create a hassle-free workplace with a minimal workload on employees, maximum productivity, and happy customers. 

Business Intelligence by SEDCO

The Solution

Stanbic Bank invested in Queue Management solution from SEDCO, a leading global provider of digital branch transformation solutions. The queue system completely transformed the customer experience. The system took care of each aspect of the customers' journey. Powered with Business Intelligence platform, the customers can obtain a ticket number from the ticketing kiosks and get in a virtual queue, which created an organized and stress free environment in the branches.

Utilizing the advanced BI tool in the system, the bank’s manager can have to monitor the operations inside each branch in real-time and take action in case any issue arises in any branch. The system provides various monitoring tools, such as maps and reports, offering better performance management of the branches. Real-time alerts are sent to the bank's administration by the system whenever a technical issue or a problem arises in any branch, and at any level in the bank's hierarchy.

The bank manager can easily measure and evaluate the performance of the bank’s staff. The manager views the performance of employees as easy to read graphical charts, allowing for rating the employees and branches based on their performance. The manager can view various types of reports about the performance of the branches and see how close the bank is from achieving its goals, which helps in enhancing strategies and plans.

Stanbic Bank enormously benefited from the advanced digital signage system furnished with the queue solution, which served both as a queue announcement tool, and as a great promotional outlet, through which advertisements about the bank’s products and services were displayed to waiting customers, which kept them busy as they waited for their turn, and informed them about the bank’s offers, leading to more sales and profit.


360 degree real-time monitoring and control of branches centrally

The queue management solution is a comprehensive system that met all the requirements and needs of Stanbic Bank. It gave the bank full control over its processes and branches. The advanced business intelligence system empowered the bank’s administration to monitor and control the performance in the branches, which enhanced operational processes, leading to maximized performance.

Seamless customer journeys for better customer satisfaction  

The system created a neat and organized environment inside the branches. There was less stress and anxiety as customers get a ticket and sit down in a waiting area until they are called forward based on their appointment time, which increased customer satisfaction. The system noticeably saves time, as there is no need for the employees to handle all the phases of the customers’ journey, which elevated the efficiency of the bank’s staff and allowed the management to fully utilize its resources.

Increased purchase intent with targeted promotions 

SEDCO’s smart digital signage system empowered Stanbic bank to identify the audience waiting in the branches, and display targeted advertisements based on their profiles and interest, in order to increase the customers’ purchase intent, leading to more cross-selling opportunities, and more sales. The system also decreased the actual and perceived waiting time by keeping the customers engaged and entertained until their turn to be served.

Maximized productivity  

The solution automated all the processes required to handle a customer's journey. The system expedited the service delivery, which boosted the productivity of the branches. And with the system's remarkable flexibility, it can be easily customized to meet any arising needs for the bank in the future.

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