Banque Misr upgrades more branches with SEDCO queue management system

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Banque Misr


As a true pioneer in providing banking services in the region, Banque Misr collaborated with SEDCO to upgrade more branches, with over 400 branches running SEDCO smart queuing system.

Serving a large base of more than 10 million clients in Egypt, Banque Misr adopted advanced queue management solutions from SEDCO to ensure a better customer experience all over its branches. SEDCO’s queueing system includes mobile appointment booking, ticketing kiosks, customer identification, and digital signage, all integrated together with Business Intelligence (BI) module to generate up-to-date insights for better performance enhancement of the bank operations, employees and customers experience.

The queue system enables customers to book an appointment via mobile, while also allowing walk-in customers to directly print tickets from queuing kiosks and get in a virtual queue when they arrive to the branch. Customers are then called to be served via digital screens instead of waiting in lines, ensuring a convenient customer journey.

The advanced digital signage system allows the bank to display targeted ads about new products and services to increase purchase intent while keeping customers engaged and entertained.

Mohammad Adi, Regional Sales Manager at SEDCO commented, “The BI tool within the queue system monitors and controls all of the bank’s branches centrally in real-time from the head branch. It also allows managers to monitor the branches and service counters through live dashboards, and generate advanced analytical reports for performance and trends. This helps the bank make more strategic decisions.”

“We are proud to collaborate with Banque Misr to achieve digital branch transformation to maximize branches productivity, increase customer happiness, and ensure better management of the bank’s resources,” he added.

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