Burgerizzr improves customer journey by installing SEDCO’s self-ordering kiosks

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Burgerizzr improves customer journey by installing SEDCO’s self-ordering kiosks


Burgerizzr in Saudi Arabia partnered with SEDCO to install self-service kiosks in its branches, in alignment with Burgerizzr’s vision to adopt digital branch transformation to better improve its customer experience and to ensure efficient branch management.

The advanced self-service machines simplified the long process of queuing, waiting time, and payment to just one single stop. SEDCO’s slim touchscreen kiosks allow customers to view the food menu on the screen, select the required item, and then pick the preferred payment method, either with card directly through the kiosk or cash at counter. The tiresome process of food ordering is now all replaced with just simple touches.

Moreover, the self-ordering kiosks decrease customer-employee interaction, as some customers might prefer and contribute to social distancing.

Nidal Abu Markhieh, Country Manager at SEDCO in KSA, commented, “Our self-service solution is powered with business intelligence tool that provides valuable insights through reports including kiosk visits detailed reports, customer transactions log reports, payment log, and transactions errors report, providing better branch management.”

We are glad to partner with Burgerizzr by installing our self-service kiosks with BI to increase branch productivity, eliminate branch queues, and enhance the overall customer journey, “he added.

For more information about SEDCO’s self-service solutions, contact our team.