City Hall in Krakow, Poland adopts SEDCO’s queue management solution for a better citizen experience

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City Hall in Krakow, Poland adopts SEDCO’s queue management solution


Poland, Krakow – In a milestone step taken to ensure the best experience and comfort for citizens, City Hall in Krakow, Poland has adopted SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions including queuing system, digital signage and central management, in 27 of its governmental offices across the country.

The queueing system enables citizens to start their journey effortlessly by pre-booking appointments in advance through a mobile app, to avoid waiting in long queues; the system then sends SMS alerts to notify them of their turns while they wait comfortably.

The digital signage system allows citizens to remain informed about the queue status through the system’s digital screens and be called to be served through audio announcements. Moreover, the digital signage system displays information about governmental news and announcements, to keep citizens up to date.

The central management system provides full control for government employees with rich maps, dashboards, and reports, offering better performance and service to citizens and ability to control any office branch from the main office. In addition, real-time alerts are sent to the administration whenever a technical issue or a problem occurs. Having better control over the offices provides a more pleasant experience for citizens and improves the reputation of the governmental office.  

Sergey Nadtoka, SEDCO’s Business Development Manager at CIS region commented, “We are proud to collaborate with City Hall in Krakow, Poland as it achieves a milestone towards better citizen experience.”

“With our queueing management system, work at the city hall will flow seamlessly for both citizens and government workers,” he added.

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