Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital evolves patient experience with more deployment of SEDCO Patient Flow Management Solutions

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In alignment with its digital transformation strategy, Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital- the largest provider of comprehensive healthcare services in the Middle East- adopted advanced Patient Flow Management system from SEDCO to reach over 142 service counters in more than 10 centers across Saudi Arabia and recently in Dubai branch.

SEDCO patient flow management solution includes ticketing kiosks, digital signage system with audio announcement, central management and monitoring dashboards system to save time and effort for both medical staff and patients, and to deliver more convenience and quality healthcare services.

The advanced queuing system streamlined patient journey across all of Sulaiman Al Habib medical centers including labs, radiology centers, clinics and pharmacies. When a new patient gets a ticket from the token kiosk, the flow management system instantly notifies the filing department to open a new file or display the current file for existing patients, and their details will be centrally shared across the hospital centers.

All of the hospital’s digital screens are integrated with the patient flow management system, which allows showing the queue information on the screens, along with audio announcements to notify patients about their turn. Besides showing directions to guide patients to their medical service point, the smart digital signage software also displays healthcare tips and promotes new medical services.

SEDCO system is powered with BI dashboards, allowing the hospital’s management to centrally monitor each counter, health center, and operation in real-time to take immediate action if necessary. Moreover, SEDCO flow management system generates advanced reports about the hospital’s performance in order to provide exceptional healthcare services, while ensuring better resource allocation and strategic planning.

Nidal Abu Markhieh, Country Manager at SEDCO-KSA commented, “SEDCO has a long-standing partnership with Sulaiman Al Habib hospital. We have been working closely together to ensure a better patient journey and improve performance across all hospital levels.”

“Our advanced flow management system helps hospitals distinguish their healthcare experience by managing the patient's entire visit, from check-in to post health service to ensure that the right patient or staff is at the right place at the right time,” he added.