Electrica- Romania upgraded more branches with SEDCO's queue management system for a better customer experience

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Electrica Group Romania


The Electrica Group, a key player in the electricity distribution in Romania, upgraded 12 branches with SEDCO advanced queue management system.

The enterprise queuing system from SEDCO included ticketing kiosks, employee counters, and branch manager software. Electrica management can now monitor and control all processes in the branches in real-time through live dashboards. The advanced platform by SEDCO sends instant alerts by SMS or email whenever an issue arises to take immediate action to ensure a better flow management.

In the next phase, Electrica will be activating mobile booking and SMS mobile notifications to enable customers to access services online, schedule appointments, issue e-tickets and get notified about their turns on their smartphone.

Once the virtual queuing is activated, SEDCO system will streamline between pre-booked and walk-ins, which will help Electrica reduce wait times and prevent crowds inside branches. Moreover, the system will enable Electrica customers to share their feedback using Electrica mobile app to ensure a great experience.

The smart queuing system provides key performance indicators such as avg. service time, avg. waiting time, and the number of people waiting in queues, empowering Electrica management to make prompt decisions and ensure an exceptional customer experience across every counter and branch.

Sergey Nadtoka, SEDCO’s Business Development Manager at CIS region commented, “We are glad to collaborate with Electrica as it takes a step towards better branch transformation. Our queuing system provides detailed reports for managers to track performance and predict trends, enabling Electrica to take strategic decisions and boost business efficiency.”

Highlighting SEDCO’s strategic partner in Romania, Sergey added, “We appreciate our solid partnership with ELTEK Multimedia- the most important integrator of Audio, Video, IT & Communications systems and Automation in Romania, and we look forward for more mutual fruitful queuing management projects in the near future.”

Over the years, SEDCO successfully delivered digital branch transformation solutions to top electricity distributors and suppliers worldwide, including advanced virtual queuing systems, mobile booking, ticketing kiosks, digital signage, and customer feedback system, all integrated with BI tool, which enriched customer experience, improved branch capacity management, and optimized business performance.

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