Gulf Bank - Kuwait upgrades more branches with SEDCO Virtual Queuing Solution

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Kuwait – In line with its vision to provide a superior customer experience, Gulf Bank, a leading financial institution in Kuwait, upgraded 53 branches with SEDCO virtual queuing system, with 8 more branches to follow in the near future.

Gulf bank has been running SEDCO’s complete queue management solution in its branches for years. The new upgrade to virtual queuing empowers customers to book appointments in advance via a mobile booking app, where they can plan their visit in advance, book appointments, get e-tickets and join virtual queues. Customers can wait for their turn wherever they want, until they receive an SMS notification that their turn is near.

As for walk-in customers, they can join the queue once they arrive to the branch by scanning a QR code that is fixed outside the branch or on the kiosk, where a list of all services will be available on their mobile phones to select the service needed and check-in via their mobiles, all with few clicks. The advanced queueing system streamlines between walk-ins and pre-booked customers, ensuring a seamless customer journey

SEDCO digital screens display queue info, in addition to targeted ads and promotions about new products and services, increasing the customers’ purchase intent and the bank’s revenue, all while keeping customers engaged and entertained.

Deepak Sharma, Managing Director at Tradelink, commented, “We are proud of our partnership with SEDCO to provide the latest virtual queuing solution, which empowered Gulf Bank to provide exceptional customer experience while controlling branch capacity, by better managing the number of customers entering the branch or served per counter.”

Elaborating further, Hussein Morsy, Business Development Manager at SEDCO, stated, “The upgrade to SEDCO virtual queuing system by Gulf Bank reflects their commitment towards transforming to smart customer journey. Powered with analytical BI tools, the system empowered Gulf Bank to measure key metrics such as customer transaction trends, branch efficiency, performance summary, and staff utilization, in order to optimize performance.”

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