SEDCO deploys advanced queue management system in Raiffeisen bank, introducing a whole new dimension of customer experience

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SEDCO's queue system at Raiffeisen bank


Raiffeisen bank officially implemented SEDCO’s comprehensive customer visit management platform in 36 branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Raiffeisen takes this initiative to evolve to a smart branch where the performance of all branches can be monitored from the head office.

SEDCO solutions -including CEM mobile, customer identification, queue management with an integrated BI system, digital signage, and customer feedback- allow the bank to manage the customer journey before, during and after the customer visit.  

The smart queue management system empowers Raiffeisen bank’s customers to book appointments directly through the mobile application and skip wait period by getting in a virtual queue before reaching the branch. If customers want to leave the branch temporarily for any reason, the system notifies them through SMS about their turn, ensuring a convenient customer journey. Alternatively, the bank’s customers can receive a ticket directly from the ticketing kiosk inside the bank.  

By installing SEDCO’s smart digital signage solution, Raffeisen customers remain engaged and entertained through the digital screens. The bank can display targeted promotions based on customers’ interests, increasing sales and profit.

After assistance, customers can provide their opinions directly through omni-channel customer feedback (mobile app, kiosk, or through a device at the customer services desk). The system evaluates the customer feedback in order to enhance the service quality, fostering more customer satisfaction and advocacy.

The queueing system is empowered with an advanced business intelligence platform, providing 360-degree deep business insights about the bank’s performance, including real-time monitoring, advanced reports, and statistics, enabling the bank’s management to act immediately, improve  efficiency levels, and carry out the bank’s strategic plan to ensure that customers always get first class services.

All branches are monitored and controlled in real-time from a central location. CEM system integrates with the bank’s backend system, ensuring an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints.



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