SEDCO introduces the latest digital branch transformation solutions at MWC 2019


SEDCO showcased its latest customer experience management solutions to key decision-makers in the telecom industry at MWC 2019, held from 25 - 28 February in Barcelona, Spain.

The audience experienced a live demo of the smart digital branch solutions, including interactive digital screens which are integrated with a video camera, enabling targeted ads which can be changed based on the user age and gender.  

Self-service machines were demonstrated to visitors also, where they replaced the classical stores to ensure availability of services and products beyond the working hours in a cost-effective manner, along with the ability to initiate a video call with a remote teller for assistance 24/7.

Services such as mobile money cash in/cash out, bill payment, biometric verification, and SIM cards dispensing can easily be done via the self-service kiosks, whereas products such as mobiles/tablets and mobile accessories can be purchased via the automated retail shops anytime anywhere, ensuring a convenient customer journey and exceptional experience.

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