SEDCO introduces a new series of self-service kiosks, enabling better customer experience and more efficient performance with less opex

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SEDCO, a specialized company in branch transformation solutions, announced the launch of a new self-service kiosks series, geared towards extending services anytime anywhere at peak performance, through a combined focus on business growth and customer experience.  

This initiative comes in line with SEDCO’s strategic vision towards providing high-value and cost-effective self-service solutions for banks, telecom operators, and many other industries.

The multi-functional kiosk comes in two series, FASTSERV™ and CONSULTA™, enabling organizations to choose machines based on services requested, branch size, and budget.

FASTSERV™ Kiosks are suitable for quick services that do not require seating. They empower customers to perform several self-banking services, including ATM card issuance, cheque deposit, cheque printing, account statement printing, card renewal services, etc. Furthermore, customers can apply for a loan and swiftly provide feedback using the kiosk.    

CONSULTA™ Kiosks are also equipped to provide all these services. However, they take branch digital transformation a step further by offering long-time self-banking services, including instant cheque book issuance and opening a new account.

The self-service kiosk can expand hours and services without expanding the staff through the virtual assistance feature, where customers can reach service agents via video call 24/7.

The diverse range of features enriches the kiosks to further serve telecom, utilities, and other sectors. The multi-functional kiosks enable customers to use telecom services such as SIM registration and dispensing, SIM swap and replacement, mobile money cash out, top-up, bill payment, account management, bill printing, third party bill payment, and feedback. In the utility sector, the kiosks can be employed for utility bill payments.

The system also incorporates advanced Business Intelligence that offers in-depth reports about kiosk performance, revenue per transaction, regions/locations, service demand, and many other reports. The system displays targeted ads to customers based on their interests and profiles.

Furthermore, the self-service machines can be integrated with the advanced queue management system to enable smart routing, where customers are guided to the right service channel based on the service type, service time, customers’ demography, and availability of staff or machines.  

Talking about the new self-service kiosks series and its relevance to company goals, Majdi Shawish, CEO at SEDCO, commented, “We are committed to providing a one stop shop solution for comprehensive branch transformation, aligned with a strategy to reduce branch footprint, act as a bridge between digital and physical channels, and deliver a differentiating experience anywhere at any time.”

For decades, SEDCO has marked a radical rethinking of how organizations can utilize modern technology and processes to satisfy business needs and streamline customer experience through digital transformation. The new series of self-service kiosks is another step in this direction.