SEDCO shows how to easily create self-service kiosk software with CxBuilder at Kiosk Summit 2018

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London– In line with its vision to deliver exceptional Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to businesses around the globe, SEDCO introduced its latest innovation -CxBuilder - in Kiosk Summit 2018, London, held on 27th September.

As digital transformation is becoming essential to businesses, the summit supported the growth of banks, telecom, and governments in Europe, by introducing the latest self-service technologies to deliver convenient customers’ journeys anytime anywhere.

Visitors from all over the world showed up at SEDCO's booth and applauded the CxBuilder - an innovative framework that helps businesses to build their kiosk application in a faster, simpler and easier manner.

Instead of going into a time-consuming software development cycle, CxBuilder enables kiosks’ providers to build software easily through a drag-and-drop workflow design tool.

Majdi Al Beit Shawish, CEO at SEDCO commented, “Reducing the time and cost of development of a kiosk software is what SEDCO is aiming to, and CxBuilder facilitates this, by enabling enterprises to build their own kiosk app without coding and integrate it with the back-end systems easily.”

“Our participation at Kiosk Summit 2018 reflects our commitment to serve more customers in Europe with our latest CEM solutions,” he added.