Umniah adopts SEDCO self-service kiosks to lead digital branch transformation in Jordan

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Self service kiosks at Umniah - by SEDCO


In line with its digital transformation strategy to transform from a traditional operator of telecommunications services into a digital operator, Umniah selected SEDCO’s self-service kiosks to make its services available to the public 24/7 across the kingdom of Jordan, with the objective of providing Umniah customers with a convenient channel, an easier approach to access telecom services and perform transactions round-the-clock.

SEDCO’s multifunction kiosks facilitate complex transactions beyond working hours, supporting various payment methods; including cash, coins, credit card and cheques. Through the new self-service machines, Umniah’ s customers can now manage their own accounts, including mobile top-up, UWallet payment, money transfer, subscriptions renewal and bill payment for mobile or Internet plans, as well as the company’s UWallet services that include cash withdrawal, deposits, transfers and payments from the wallet’s balance.

The self-service machines are available around the clock in 13 different locations, with an additional seven machines located at Umniah showrooms that are operational during business hours, from 8 am to 6 pm from Sunday to Thursday. The machines will also provide additional non-telco services in the future, including the eFawateercom service for the payment of water bills, electricity bills, the payment of traffic violations, and social security fees.

“Our multifunction kiosks come in 2 different models – freestanding and through the wall kiosks format where both models cover a significant aspect of customer validation through national ID cards, passports and biometric verification, which authenticates the process aiming towards secured transactions and convenient customer journey,’’ commented Mohammad Adi, Regional Sales Manager at SEDCO.

“We are glad to cooperate with Umniah- the first telecommunications company in Jordan to provide such a service- and we are confident that the new self-service machines will be adding real value to facilitate Umniah services beyond working hours, reduce the crowds of branch visitors, boost revenue, and deliver a great customer experience,’’ he added.

Umniah is a Jordanian mobile network operator - a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Batelco, the third and most recent GSM cellular phone company to enter the Jordanian telecom market. Since 2014, Umniah has a 30% share of the mobile telecommunications market.

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