Zain Bahrain improves customer journey with SEDCO queue management system

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Zain Bahrain improves customer journey with SEDCO queue management system

As a part of its commitment to service excellence, Zain Bahrain, a leading telecom provider in the Kingdom, partnered with SEDCO to transform 19 branches with advanced queue management system.

With over 669,000 active customers in Bahrain, the smart queuing system helped Zain Bahrain streamline their customer journey through all touchpoints inside the branches, from beginning to end. 

Virtual queuing embedded in the system allows mobile booking for Zain customers to avoid queues.
As for walk-in customers, they can also join the virtual queues by printing tickets from queuing kiosks. Customers are then called via digital screens to be served, or they can be notified of their turns via SMS notifications. Zain employees can easily control and manipulate the queues via the system to streamline between pre-booked and walk-in customers.

SEDCO queue management system is powered with an advanced business intelligence platform that provides live dashboards and maps to centrally monitor the branches in real-time. Ultimately the system generates advanced reports to get deep insights about branches performance to help Zain Bahrain make more strategic decisions. Moreover, the BI tool enables Zain branch managers to receive SMS or email alerts whenever an issue arises in any branch to take action immediately.

The queue solution includes digital signage system, allowing Zain Bahrain to display targeted ads about new products and services to boost sales while keeping their customers engaged and entertained.

Hussein Morsy, Business Development Manager at SEDCO commented, “We are happy to collaborate with Zain who always takes initiative to achieve service excellence. Our queue management system not only helps Zain distinguish their customer experience from other telecom providers, but also their business management.”

Over the years,  SEDCO successfully delivered digital branch transformation solutions to top telecom operators worldwide, which included advanced queue management systems and self-service solutions that helped to eliminate queues, reduce waiting time, control branches and machines in real-time, optimize performance, and increase ROI.

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