Absa Bank Continues Improving Customer Experience by Implementing SEDCO Queue Management System this time in Kenya



Absa Bank, one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups, transformed its customer experience by implementing SEDCO Queue Management solution in 48 of Absa branches across Kenya, where previously SEDCO system is operating across Absa Bank branches in Ghana, Botswana, and Mauritius.

The smart queuing solution includes a mobile booking feature that enables Absa customers to schedule appointments via the bank app by using their smartphones, providing more convenience as they no longer need to wait in queues. As for walk-in customers, they can also join the virtual queues by printing tickets from the queuing kiosks inside the branches. Customers can be called forward for their turns via audio announcement, receive an app notification while resting comfortably, or check their queue status on digital screens. The screens also display targeted ads to promote new bank services.

Incorporated with an advanced BI tool, SEDCO system provides Absa branch managers with live dashboards and maps that centrally monitor the branches in real-time; The BI tool also enables branch managers to receive SMS or email alerts whenever an issue arises in any branch for immediate action to be taken, increasing branch efficiency.

SEDCO’s Business Development Manager in South Asia region, Imran Sharif commented, “We are delighted to be a part of the advancement of customer experience at Absa Bank. Our system can streamline between per-booking and walk-ins visitors, which help in decreasing employee workload and increasing branch efficiency."

"The mobile feedback feature empowers Absa customers to submit immediate feedback about the their experience through the mobile app, while our system analyses these feedback, and accordingly provides deep insights and reports to support Absa strategic and future planning while taking their customer experience to a new level”, Sharif added.