RADEEMA selects SEDCO’s Self Service Kiosks to lead digital branch transformation in Morocco

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SEDCO self service kiosks at Radeema


In line with its vision to achieve digital branch transformation and enhance the customer journey, RADEEMA– a prominent name in the water and electricity distribution in Morocco has installed SEDCO’s self-service solutions in its branches in Marrakech through collaboration with PCARD.

The self-service machines enable Moroccans to perform many of RADEEMA services by themselves such as bill payment, new subscriptions, claims, and requests for documents. This new service channel supports various payment methods including cash, coins, credit cards, and cheques.

Moreover, the multifunction self-service machines reduce the workload of in-branch service employees/counters, freeing up their time to give more focus to citizen care to ensure a great customer experience.

In a quest for monitoring performance, continuous improvement, and quality approach, SEDCO system is powered with Business Intelligence, offering valuable business insights and reporting, such as kiosk visits detailed report, transactions detailed report, and many other reports. RADEEMA’s top management can monitor essential performance metrics using easy-to-read dashboards to ensure continuous improvement.

Talking about the recent self-service solutions deployment in Marrakech, Khaled Hayajneh, SEDCO’s Business Development Manager in Africa stated, “We are glad to partner with PCARD in switching RADEEDMA branches to self-service corners to elevate their operations and quality of service to the top level.”

“We trust that the new self-service machines will be adding real value to facilitate RADEEMA services, reduce the crowds of branch visitors, boost revenue, and deliver a great customer experience,’’ he added.

From his side, Mohamed Jarjour- Sales Director at PCARD commented, “We appreciate our solid partnership with SEDCO, as together we are committed to deliver the best digital branch transformation solutions to the Moroccan market; and we ensure that RADEEMA will now be able to offer enriched customer experience, improved branch capacity management, and optimized business performance”.

Over the years, SEDCO has successfully delivered digital branch transformation solutions across various industries. Besides utility companies, SEDCO has a long experience in providing 24/7 self-service kiosks to the finance sector including banks and insurance companies, telecom, healthcare, and government organizations.

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