SEDCO Wins Leading Queue Management Provider UAE 2023 Award Coinciding with 40th-Anniversary Celebrations

SEDCO Wins Leading Queue Management Provider UAE 2023 Award Coinciding with 40th-Anniversary Celebrations


Dubai – November 20, 2023: SEDCO, a global leader in providing customer experience and digital branch transformation solutions, has been named the Leading Queue Management Solutions Provider in the United Arab Emirates at the International Business Magazine (IBM) Awards 2023. This achievement coincides with the company’s 40th anniversary, signifying four decades of innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to shaping the future of customer experiences.

SEDCO's exemplary approach to customer experience and innovation has been pivotal in securing its win.  One of the company’s distinguishing factors is its 'vertical zed' strategy, uniquely tailoring solutions for each industry or vertical with embedded best practices. This customization ensures that regardless of the sector being served, SEDCO's adaptable system intuitively accommodates the distinct customer journeys in each field. These include banking, telecom, government, healthcare and many other sectors.

Moreover, SEDCO employs sophisticated business intelligence analytics that provide in-depth insights into the customer journey, analysing data before, during, and after visits. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology over the past four years has enriched the company’s solutions with AI tools and analytics. This dual focus has amplified the value of SEDCO's offerings.

The tangible impact of SEDCO's solutions on businesses and organizations in the UAE further underscores the company’s award-worthy status with its queue management system leading to remarkable reductions in waiting times (59 per cent), service times (24 per cent), staff workloads (55 per cent), and patient registration times at hospitals (65 per cent). These substantial improvements have not only optimized operational efficiency but have also directly contributed to heightened customer experiences, making this recognition well-deserved.

Majdi Shawish, CEO of SEDCO, said, "We are honoured to receive this award that reflects the exceptional work of our dedicated team at SEDCO in delivering outstanding customer experiences. Our innovative solutions are driving a paradigm shift in queue management, incorporating AI technology to enrich our offerings. This win reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality queue management solutions. Established in 1983, the company has consistently led the way in the development of customer experience and digital transformation solutions. This dedication extends far beyond traditional queuing systems as we provide an all-encompassing platform for customer experiences, transcending the management of physical customer visits.

He further said, "As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we look forward to the future digital branch transformation which is a fully phygital (physical + digital) customer experience solution that seamlessly manages both physical and virtual visits. We remain dedicated to surpassing high expectations, fostering innovation, and continually providing exceptional solutions in the field of queue management. This significant milestone reflects our enduring commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of improving both operational efficiency and customer interactions. We are excited to continue pioneering new frontiers, meeting industry demands, and making a tangible difference in the way businesses engage with our customers."

The International Business Magazine Awards is a global platform that acknowledges remarkable accomplishments across a range of industries, including banking, finance, investments, insurance, energy, healthcare, education, logistics, corporate, and technology, among others. These awards celebrate key executives who exemplify exceptional leadership and adhere to sound business practices that yield exceptional results in their respective domains.


Specialized in providing Self Service and Advanced Queue Management Solutions, SEDCO helps Banks, Telecom, Governments, Healthcare, Retail, and Utilities to transform into smart digital branches to improve customer experience and reduce operational cost.

SEDCO has solid relationships with over 80 partners worldwide, with thousands of installations around the globe.

Headquartered in Dubai, SEDCO designs, customizes, and delivers all the hardware and software of its digital branch transformation solutions in-house including Self Service Solutions, Self Service Kiosks, Customer Visit Management Solutions, Virtual Queuing Management, Mobile Appointment Booking , Queuing Management System, Customer Feedback System, Digital Signage System, and Business Intelligence System.

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